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3 Tips for Staying Warm This Winter Season While Pocketing Some Energy Savings

Updated on February 3, 2020
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Norman is an electrical contractor in Canada and is passionate about energy savings. "We waste so much energy, it's quite remarkable".

Cozy up with a hot beverage this winter and save on energy costs

Energy Saving Tips for You

We are all trying to save on energy costs any way we can. Energy costs continue to inch upwards and it doesn't look like there is an end in sight. Compared to other countries in the world, we have significantly higher energy costs.

When it comes to our harsh winters, it is important for us to protect our home. Our most important asset. We also need to keep our families safe, warm and comfortable in our own home.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel is true for a large percentage of families every day. Some families have to make the difficult choice between food and electricity. Believe it or not. All of us can do our part to give back to the grid and live a sustainable lifestyle.

I've taken the luxury of writing this article in the comfort of my own home with my heat turned down and a blanket wrapped around my body! Here are a few energy saving tips for you as we run out the rest of this winter!

1. Winterize Your Home

Before winter approaches, make sure you inspect your house from roof to basement to detect any cold spots or drafts. You can add caulking or weather stripping to your windows and doors to block cold air. It's affordable to run down to your hardware store and buy caulking and is just as easy to install it. There are Youtube videos you can look to for assistance. By checking on this, it could save you a boat load of money!

Also, you should wrap your water heater with quality insulation. Over time, the insulating barriers around your water tank tend to break down. So, if you are looking at your water heater right now and the insulation is ripping apart or not covering the tank fully, replace it. This little trick doesn't cost a lot and can be an easy DIY to reduce the run time of your water heater.

If you cannot replace it now, you can at least apply window film to prevent heat from escaping. You can find this film from your local hardware store.

A home energy audit can help you identify problem areas across your home. The professional will suggest you ways to winterize your home and make sure all of your heating systems and appliances are functional.

2. Install a Heat Pump

Although upgrading to a more efficient heat pump is a big investment, the amount of money it can save you over the next several years is worth the investment. Over time, the heating system will pay for itself. So, the initial investment will give you a good return with the passage of time.

You may opt for air-source heat pumps as they can deliver up to 300% more heat than the amount of power they use. New heating pumps and systems come with long lasting warranties. Therefore, you do not need to worry about expensive repairs if the unit fails during the warranty period.

Some companies offer the ability to rent heat pumps as well at an affordable monthly rate. This rate typically includes all of the maintenance, service and repairs if anything happens out of your control. Consider this when you plan to invest in a new heat pump.

3. Perform Heating Maintenance

I know so many people that overlook the maintenance of very expensive equipment in their own home. The heating function of your home is worth nearly $10,000 so why are you not maintaining it!? This is something that continues to boggle my mind. Yes it costs money to maintain, but it is much cheaper than repairing or replacing the entire unit when the time comes.

You may want to have your HVAC systems inspected by a reliable party to ensure they are giving their best performance. It doesn't matter what type of heating system type you own, it is important to follow the preventive maintenance measures for the proper functionality of the system. Check your owners manual now!

If you hire someone to maintain your equipment, the technician will inspect and clean the filters and ductwork to improve the air quality and efficiency of the system.

If you are getting a new furnace installed, then look to your local electrician to get it wired up properly for you to prevent any issues in the future.

In Summary

These are just three ways that you can try to reduce your energy consumption in the winter, while staying warm and comfortable in your home. Most of these options will require the assistance of an electrician to get the job done, so consider hiring professional help to complete the work.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Norman Mostyn


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