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Steps To Controlling Cockroaches and Mice

Updated on October 23, 2011

Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice

 Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice
Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice | Source

Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice

Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice

Steps to Controlling Cockroaches and Mice

There are several ways to control pests such as cockroaches and mice. My experience as a pest control operator for over six years has proven my techniques work. The general attitude of most people is to call pest control operator to rid of your problem. You're just throwing your money away when you call a pest control company. However, if the situation is overwhelming with little cockroaches and mice, pest control it is needed. If you let a situation where little creatures are controlling your life, extermination will be the only way to get rid of these pests at first. In the following paragraphs I will explain what you can do to keep these pests out of your kitchen, bathroom and other areas of your house. The following procedures also work in a commercial building. Without hesitation, let me instruct you on how to control those nasty cockroaches and mice.

The first procedure is to go to a store and purchase caulking, foam in a can, a can of cockroach killer, stainless steel wool, and boric acid if available. All these ingredients should add up to lessen $20.00 for you to do your pest control work. Basically, you want to make sure you have plenty of caulking for your counter tops and around plumbing voids. Therefore, you may spend a little bit more money depending upon the size of your house or commercial building. Keep in mind that a pest control company will charge at the minimum 100 dollars just to spray your house. This will not do any good for the problem or issues you may have with mice.

Once you got your products and you're at your house, let's start with the kitchen and fill in the cracks around your cabinets and shelves with caulk. While you are sealing these cracks make sure you're also cleaning the crumbs or other food debris out of the way. Cockroaches and mice feed on trash and open foods in our cabinets and where we store trash. Not only are you sealing the cracks where cockroaches like to hide, you're performing exclusion techniques that will last a long time. If you can exclude the trash and food as well as the cracks in all areas of your house. You will not have problems with cockroaches as often as you are now. German cockroaches by the little tiny ones that seem to scatter when you turn the light on in a room. These are the cockroaches I'm talking about eradicating from your residents or your workplace. Many pest control companies do not do this work because it is time consuming. It is much easier to walk around with a spray can and kill a few cockroaches than it is to do the manual labor. This is why pest control companies set up a monthly service to kill for rodents or bugs at your business or house. Its a racket that needs to be stopped because the process of using pesticides does not work. The pesticides will kill a mass quantity of different bugs and cockroaches yet it will not kill the eggs , unless treated as per the label on the pesticide. I know of no company except one called Ecolab Pest Elimination that actually will destroy your pest control problem.I am not endorsing Ecolab Pest control company , nor do they do residential pest elimination work. I worked for them for many years and they live up totheir name and actually will exclude bugs with caulk or whatever means they have to do to kill the situation with rodents and cockroaches. They are very expensive and quite wort the cost.
Exclusion is the answer to a pest control problem. Let me explain how I draw this conclusion. The first activity is to use your pest control spray and then use your caulk for exclusion then move on to the next part of the kitchen which is around the plumbing avoids and insert the stainless steel wool and seal with the can of foam to exclude this area as well. If you have an infestation of mice and there are in the walls of your house you have two things you can do. One is you can use poison that comes from the store, keeping in mind that the mice die inside the walls there will be a strong odor in the house. If you exclude around the baseboards in your living areas, bedrooms, and all plumbing voids including the bathroom area before using any type of poison. You may get lucky and the rodents will find another way out of the house. What the rodents are searching for in your house is water and food. If you exclude this from their diet, they will move on and moved out to find another house to infest. Exclusion techniques have been around the pest control industry for many years. The secret is companies want to use a quick kill me get paid on a monthly or quarterly basis by the homeowner or commercial business owner. It's a contract that usually lasts a year to two years and keeps a pest control company in business. If all pest control businesses did exclusion work in the house's and businesses that they treat with chemical there would be no need for any type of monthly contract. Your problem would be solved and the varmints and bugs would be extremely minimal.

Basically in the previous paragraphs I had just let out the secret to controlling cockroaches and mice that the pest control companies don't want you to know. The pesticides and roadenticides that we have available as professional pest control operators are of no stronger strength than what you can get at your neighborhood superstore. Government regulations on these chemicals and baits had just about put the percentage of active ingredients that kill these pests at the same level of consumer can purchase without a pest control licence. Termites are a different breed of destruction that I will discuss in another article. Yet to touch on this the chemicals used for killing termites are basically so altered they don't work. Please keep this in mind if you are having a termite inspection at your facility. The techniques used to kill termites are the same as the techniques I described above. There just done in the ground around your house to keep the termites from getting in to the structure. Common people that have no pest control background actually had no idea until possibly this article that pesticides actually do not work in the long term infestation of any pest problem and although it is not the fault of the pest control companies, dipped it is o to keepf the regulatory agencies that kepthave banned what use to work on cockroaches and mice and other bugs and flying insects.

In the beginning I instructed you to get boric acid, this can be found in boxes usually therefore read the labels before you purchase. Boric acid is about the only pesticide that has a long residual and does work in controlling most cockroaches and various other bugs and insects. When you take your dog to getting dipped to keep ticks off your animals. The product that is used is boric acid. It is not really harmful to the animal but if ingested by human could make you a very sick. Be careful with any pesticide that I had mentioned in this article as some of the ingredients that are active are dangerous. Therefore use these with care and make sure children are kept away while you do your work. After you have excluded the areas with caulking and the plumbing voids with whatever means you need to it is time to initiate the boric acid.

Using boric acid will not provide a quick kill to the cockroaches or bugs when you use the product. However if you spray the areas with bug spray and let them dry for a few days this will provide the quick kill that you're looking for. Now is when you follow up with a sprinkling of the boric acid in the corners of shells and are under sinks and cracks and crevices that will not get wet. The trick here introducing this product is to not use too much of the boric acid. You want only a light film of this powder in certain areas discussed above or the product will not work. What basically happens is when a cockroach comes in contact with the boric acid it gathers onto the legs of the bugs or cockroaches and they ingest this boric acid into their mouths thereby killing them slowly. Boric acid will last up to nine months if it is kept dry. The biggest thing to remember is to not over apply it and to just sprinkle with your fingers this dust in hidden areas where the cracks are obvious.

If the following directions on the above paragraphs are followed and you have a problem with rodents and or cockroaches. You will not have a problem in approximately three months from the time you started this project of elimination through eradication. You will not need monthly or quarterly pest control services that can run into the hundreds of dollars annually. The hardest part to doing the above instructions for controlling the pests in your family home or commercial building is spending the time to caulk and seal as many cracks and crevices as you can in your facility. This is very time consuming and possibly now you see why most pest control companies do not do this type of work because of the consumption of time and the mentality of people thinking that the bug man should be spraying to kill the bugs. Most people see the pest control operator with a can and a hose leading to a spray gun and assume that there are getting rid of their problem. Now you know the truth, the psychology of us seeing a pest control operator without the usual gear is unheard of for most people that are not aware of that spraying will not do a thatdamn thing for their problem. You are now educated into the world of pest control and what it does and does not do for you.
Just to through in a little bit of knowledge of where I came up with all this information. I have worked for Orkin, Terminix, Blue Dot, and Ecolab Pest Elimination for a total of about ten years. The only company that recognized in public that exclusion is the only way to rid of pest control issues was Ecolab Pest Elimination. I found that to be a responsible decision on their part. However , they are a business that works only commercial pest elimination, and to exclude a whole building is impossible, yet that is why they come out on a monthly basis is to exclude the premisis of a facility. The other companies may do some of this now , so I cannot say they are just spraying to rid your problem. You can do this yourself, and save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Maybe I will get back into this business and just do exclusions for others, what na idea. Have a great day.


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      Africa 2 years ago

      Good blog post, nice efforts. It cuoldn’t appear to have been penned any better. Reading this article piece of writing reminds me about my old boss! He usually kept babbling about this. I will email this post to him. Pretty confident he will probably have a high-quality read. Appreciate your posting!

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      Renz Kristofer Cheng 5 years ago from Manila

      This will surely be helpful for households! :)

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