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Steps to Using Dry Carpet Cleaning Systems

Updated on September 19, 2012

How to dry clean your carpet

If you are considering cleaning your carpet, you may have considered a carpet shampoo. This saturates the carpet in water and cleaning solution and will take a long time to dry out. It can also leave a damp smell in the home for some time and you need to avoid walking on it while wet.

You can also clean your carpet using a dry method. You may be forgiven for believing that a carpet that has not been wet will not be cleaned properly. It is true you can clean a carpet using solutions which are considered a "dry" method as the carpet will be completely dry after cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning is more popular now as it can be done quickly with minimum disruption to the home.

There are a few methods you can choose:

Use a Foam Cleaner - This method only works for stains, you work the foam into the stain and it will be dry in 30 minutes. It is considered a dry cleaning method as there is minimum contact with water and the carpet dries very quickly.

Use a dry cleaning compound - Brush the dry cleaning compound, which is dry powder into the carpet. The powder will attach itself to the dirt. Leave it on the carpet for the specified time and then vacuum.

Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaner - This method will be the most expensive but it is also the most effective. A Carpet Cleaning machine uses cleaning chemicals and no water to clean the carpet. It is pushed along the carpet and the machine beats the carpet with the chemicals which are attached to rotating pads. The dirt loosens from the carpet and attaches itself to the pads. Any excess dirt will now sit on top of the carpet and can be vacuumed once complete.

Before you begin any carpet cleaning, vacuum your carpet thoroughly to easily remove any dirt and dust. Speak to your local carpet cleaning company for a quote, it can be cost effective to get a professional to dry clean your carpet. Treat any carpet stains as they happen. The quicker you treat a stain, the easier it is to remove. If you have any deep carpet stains, you may want to treat them separately.

Dry Carpet cleaning is a good way to clean your carpets, it is much easier than the wet method which will also push the dirt back into the carpet. It is also a cost effective way of keeping your carpets clean.

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