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Styling Your Dream Home

Updated on March 6, 2016

Dream Home - When Changes to Reality

Have you ever thought what exactly your dream house should be like? Well, I know, when it comes to women, the desires are never ending and why not? Just like the girl always desires for a prince charming she also dreams for her home of her style.

Till the time we figure out exactly what is the dream home of a woman like, the Interior Designers and Architects have come with many alluring ideas that women actually desires for from the real estate.


Some Ideas For Styling Your Dream House

After having a good conversation from one of my friend who is an Interior Designer we came across some of the attractive points that you would like to adapt while choosing your dream house :

  • Security features - Security and safety being the first center point to keep in mind, the Interior Designers and Architects are giving focus and priority on security system of the people living their dream home. I-smart alarm, viper home, simplisafe, scout alarm, piper are few of the security system getting placed by developers.

  • Gourmet kitchens - Deluxe and branded appliances, luxury decor, large range oven and built-in refrigerator, wood hood, elevated warming drawers, pot filler faucets are some of the latest demands by the female buyers from the developers.

  • Cleaning friendly - You don’t have to lose your sleep now to make your living room and bedroom spotless, the architects are using eco-friendly techniques for you to look forward into your dream house.

  • Slate floors - These types of floors appears to have a honed, smooth and finish. In spaces that transition from indoor to out, those with access to a patio or with large windows, these floors are specially used in luxury locations.

  • Laundry room upstairs - This factor excludes the time that mostly women take to collect the laundry from the bedrooms, as the bedrooms are mostly upstairs.

  • Skylights in Bathroom - The provision of skylight in your bathroom will have a positive effect by adding more of natural light that makes the daylight time comfortable along with the evening times that shows the dim shining moonlight.
  • Natural light - Nowadays, interior designers and architects support daylight’s positive effect on building performance and human health.

Some Home Interior Ideas

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Living RoomDining TableKitchenBathroomBedroom
Living Room
Living Room | Source
Dining Table
Dining Table | Source
Kitchen | Source
Bathroom | Source
Bedroom | Source

For All You Ladies - Dream Big!

“All you women out there start dreaming big, and put your hard work, to own what you dream for. Life is not too long to waste it just dreaming and waiting for it to happen on its own. You need to tie your shoelace and get going and always remember to keep it stylish”.

What Women Wants?

What are majority of Indian women home buyers looking for? Real estate agents report they want :

  • Well-lit parking

  • Home security system

  • Condos with a front-door guard

  • Gas fireplaces

  • Upgraded cabinetry

  • Second bedrooms to use as a home office

  • Newly finished hardwood flooring

  • Freshly cleaned carpets

  • Move-in condition

  • New kitchens with islands for entertaining

  • Smaller, low maintenance houses or condominiums

  • Bathrooms with soaking tubs as well as showers

  • Ample drawer and counter space

  • Walk-in closets

  • Walking distance to stores and restaurants

  • Light-colored walls

  • Safe urban neighborhoods

  • Close proximity to public transportation

What Most Of The Women Look For In Their Dream Home?

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Walk-In-ClosetShoe Space in Walk in ClosetWell Designed KitchenCozy Well Lit BedroomBathTub
Walk-In-Closet | Source
Shoe Space in Walk in Closet
Shoe Space in Walk in Closet | Source
Well Designed Kitchen
Well Designed Kitchen | Source
Cozy Well Lit Bedroom
Cozy Well Lit Bedroom | Source
BathTub | Source

Some ideas shared by Interior Designers & Architects

To lure a woman's heart, the Interior Designers and Architectures are putting in :
Nationwide, the women are buying home in record numbers and working hard to fulfill her aspirations. Today a woman has a major say in most decisions, and when it comes to buying a house she proves an old saying “A man buys a house, but it takes a women to turn it into a home”. In this modern era, many women say - It’s not just a home to stay but a destination. Women have now made an access to the resources that earlier only men had such as money, social status and power. Now women has everything to justify that she has come a long way from just being a called a ‘homemaker’ to a ‘household manager’.

Ambassador Pool Suites
Ambassador Pool Suites | Source

In Trend - These Days

After studying deeply it shows that young women who are mostly single are rising in number into choosing to buy their first home alone. We are also seeing that women who are entering the market today are usually broad minded, discerning, adventurous, sophisticated, physically fit and often single. The real estate market does not only cater to those on their way to matrimony, young married couples, or the middle-aged financially solvent part of the population but it also is now seriously addressing the needs of single, young, sassy, upwardly mobile-women.

Today, women take on every outlook of the process, from negotiating with Architects, builders, interior designers and organizing loans to calculating EMIs and budgeting for the new home resultantly, having their future finances in mind when buying a property. It’s actually true to its word now that ‘having a home is stepping stone to financial securities’. Buying a house is now an investment rather than a liability.

Shortage of Space? Video Showing Small Space Interior Designs

Gourmet Kitchen
Gourmet Kitchen | Source

Gourmet Kitchen

Being a women the first thing that entice them to invest in an expensive second home is obviously the gourmet kitchens. Fine details such as imported marble flooring, modular kitchens, and Jacuzzis are always an advantage. There is an increasing demand for premium residential properties that offer a luxurious lifestyle and every possible convenience, with no money consideration.


Penthouse has been perhaps the most iconic urban dream in today’s era. These are a city’s secret spaces which mostly remain unseen from the streets.

They come with high-end amenities like French windows bringing in the outside, Italian marble flooring and tinted glass to reduce glare, video door phone system near the entrance to screen the visitors, promoting the security of attached garages & many more and products meant for high definition living standards keeping in mind the rising aspirations of particular segments.

The great outdoor experience offered by a penthouse is worthwhile investment. An interior designer says - it is also the reason why it is often referred to as ‘a villa in the sky’.

Dream Home
Dream Home | Source

If You Are An Indian

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Kerala, Kolkata, Mysore, Ahmedabad are some of the hot real estate hubs across India which you not regret investing upon.

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    • livehightech profile image

      livehightech 2 years ago from Delhi, India

      @ Michaela Osiecki

      Mam, I am so sorry I under delivered for you, I hope to meet you and spend some minutes apologizing and answering any questions you may have, I guess I needed more details in there for u, I hope you forgive. I really value your personal thought and idea of styling your dream house.

      This article mainly focuses on the 'latest trend of designing' going on and

      view points of majority of females (single or married) mainly in India,

      demanding for styling their dream house, and I have tried my best to

      highlight them so that my article can encourage and motivate more of the

      women to get going to own her dream house and style the way she dreams for.

      Rest, it totally depends on the individual to choose the style or form of design she wants while designing their interior out of any design like modern, elegant country style, hightech, minimalist, classic, rustic, maverick, etc.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      Ick, none of this appeals to me at all. I like older houses, Victorian and Romanesque styles. I don't like the modern industrial trend where everything is slate and sharp edges and impersonal.....