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Swing Sets Can Be Designed For Families Who Want Playground Like Equipment In the Backyard

Updated on January 30, 2010

Residential swing sets are now designed for the consumer who wants playground like equipment in there own yard.

Today, you can create a park like, playground setting right in an area of land at the back of a house.

Now a days, these units boasts fun side winding slides or spiral, wave, straight and squiggly delightful slides that children will love. There are at least 10 to 15 models available is bright colors such as yellow, green (most popular), blue, and red. The slides are made in different sizes such as an 8 foot, 10 foot and are attached to forts with heights of 4', 5', 6' and 7' tall. Slides are designed and tested so they can safely be attached to playsets and are easily installed with just a few components. One trend today, is to attach a slide to a wooden deck in the yard for the children to use as a way down to the lower level of the garden area. If you are considering this type of exit from your deck, you will need to follow the installation directions and recommended guidelines so the children can play safe. Make sure the landing area has ground cover and that there is a six foot clearance around the slide for the kids to exit safely. In other words, make sure there isn't any obstacles in the way so they don't bump into anything. Never install a slide on a cement patio or over cement or any hard surface as this is very dangerous. Remember, follow the manufacturers guidelines to safely install a slide.

Swing Sets have lots of options available including the swings. One fantastic product that children have to have is the glider swing which is also called a rocket rider, mega rider, back to back glider, cruisers, or glider for two. What is cool about this product is that one to two children can use it alone or to together. They sit back to back and use there legs to ride and go back and forth. Each child has a handle in front of them to hold on to. This product is usually sold in solid green color or a green and yellow combination plus there are other styles available in blue. Overall, this is one great product that is fun for toddlers and youths with an age range of approximately 3 to 8. Another kid favorite is the buoy ball. This exciting accessory inflates to three different size and is made from a soft rubber material. The diameter of the ball is around 15 inches so kids can safely sit on the ball as they swing and it comes with chains attached to it so installation is a snap. Like the slides, they are available in bright colors and make a great add on to any swing set.

The accessories of a swing set is the basis for fun on any playset, this is the what gives kids the opportunity for adventure, creativity and using there imaginations. Having old fashioned fun outside in the fresh air is a blast. Not to mention, the physical exercise that comes with outdoor play keeps children active and promotes good health.

Best Price Toys - Largest Online Selection Of Swing Sets And Accessories

Dianna, is always offering safety and education tips to parents and caregivers. She focused on parents, and wants them to properly teach children to play safe on equipment. She is also the Founder of Best Price Toys, a leading children's playground store, and educational toys website were the focus is on outdoor play and exercise for children.

You can visit her store to learn more about Swing Sets and Swing Set safety for Kids.


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