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Take Away The Clutter

Updated on February 4, 2016

We all have problems with clutter. We have the habit of storing and keeping unnecessary trash in every nook and cranny. Some people, including this writer, have a problem organizing our spaces. We don't know which items we need to get rid of. Believe it or not, organizing our storage space is not rocket science. It's easier than you think. Dr. Oz had a guest by the name of Peter Walsh in his show a few days ago. He is a Professional Organizer and author of the book Lose The Clutter, Lose The Weight. He said that an open space can bring joy and happiness to our lives. If there is too much stuff in our space, it steals life from us. Here are some ways on how we can de-clutter every part of our house. Let us first start with the kitchen.

The kitchen is so hard to fix. We can't store our food all at once. We find it difficult to find enough space to store our perishables. According to Walsh, when we de-clutter our kitchen, it teaches us patience.

Tip No. 1: Pots and Pans

1. We should use hooks on the cabinet door to hang our pots and pans. That way, we don't have to pile our pots and pans on top of one another.

2. Use vertical space. Whenever we store pots and pans, we should arrange it vertically to consume less place.

3. According to Walsh, use a file organizer. We turn the file organizer into the side, then arrange the pans by storing it in the file organizer. This would prevent the area from looking messy and disorganized.

Tip No. 2: The Fridge

We have the habit of stacking goods on top of one another. Sometimes, it is difficult to find what we're looking for in the middle of the night when we open the fridge. Walsh said, we have to use plastic containers.

Plastic containers are used for handling. We need to sort food according to category like condiments and cold cuts. We place them in a plastic container to organize the kitchen to make it appear more orderly.

Plastic containers are used for hygienic purposes. We use these containers to portion control our snacks. This will save us a lot of money by placing on the containers the appropriate amount of food we eat to avoid wasting money.

Tip No. 3: Office

We have our private offices in our homes. Most people have their own cubicles in their work place and find it so hard to sort and discard their trash. According to Walsh, putting it all in drawers is not a good idea. Once the papers are piled up, it would look ten times messier. The solution is to use a tray.

There should be separate trays for outgoing and incoming mail and mail that needs to be shredded. If we need to pay bills, we should use another tray for storing bill payments. If we have trays for different kinds of mail, then it would reduce our clutter and keep our desks clean.

Tip No. 4: Bedroom

We all have problems with closet space. Clothes can't seem to fit in our closet. Most ladies would prefer a larger closet space to organize their shoes, clothes, and handbags. Walsh said that an organized bedroom will help us a have a better night sleep.

1. Use the reverse coat hanger method. Hang your clothes back to the front, then after six months, hang it to back. This will provide more closet space and avoid clutter.

2. If you have a lucky shirt that you wear all the time, take a picture of it and hang it on your closet. This will help you feel good about yourself.

3. Use the lower third rule. We stack our shirts according to the number of times we wear them. Usually, the third shirt on the stack is not always worn. Get rid of that shirt and give it to charity to have more space on the drawers. This will help you be more organized and have bigger spaces.

These are simple tricks that we can use in our households. If our lives are filled with clutter, we wouldn't be able to think clearly and cleaning the place would be dreadful. It is good to be spic and span to avoid confusion and disorder.


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