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Passion Restaurant at Resorts World Manila

Updated on February 11, 2015

Why Does Passion Serve Tap Water?

Knowing the impurities in tap water would you still drink it? Well if you have no choice and dying in thirst perhaps you would. But how about if tap water in beautiful glass wine is served to you in a fine dining restaurant, will you be offended? Knowing for a fact that this is a costly restaurant would you ever expect them to serve tap water to customers? Is this not a form of disrespect and lack of care to customers who went there trusting they will be offered with nothing but the best?

Regarding this tap water issue, a first-hand information proves that a fine-dining restaurant called Passion which is found at the second floor of Maxim Tower, Resorts World Manila Philippines does serve tap water. This cozy, expensive place does not mind and have the guts to serve tap water to guests who went there unmindful of the costly food choices. Surely, they have bottled water for sale but how much would it cost them if they offer free purified water to customers? Would they go bankrupt if they would?

What is the Big Deal About Serving Tap Water?

Of course it is not just Passion for there are other restaurants and fast-foods that serve tap water to customers but there are those whose owners respect and value their customers a lot so that they don’t mind giving purified water without charge to their customers. McDonalds is one of them. Considering the fact that Mcdonalds is more affordable than fine-dining restaurants, it would be easier to understand if they don’t but they do and this speaks well of Mcdo.

Maybe some customers will not make a big deal of this issue because they always have the choice to buy bottled water. But to diners that do give so much attention to quality service this is a big issue. The issue here is more than just paying for bottled water but the kind of treatment a fine-dining restaurant gives to customers. Just imagine a fine-dining restaurant but can’t even respect the right of the customer to drink clean water? Does the owner or do the owners of this restaurant drink tap water?

Clean and Classy Ladies Room at Passion
Clean and Classy Ladies Room at Passion
Chandeliers at Passion
Chandeliers at Passion

What is an Ideal Fine Dining Restaurant

An ideal fine dining restaurant is not just one with cozy ambiance. Passion undoubtedly has this quality. It is a fine place so to speak. The lights, the wall decors and the chandeliers added up some more elegance to the place. The round tables that can seat big group are neat. The service staff is very friendly and accommodating. They did serve with smiles and very attentive. The comfort room is great. It is really clean and classy.

But, a restaurant can’t be really great all because of the superficial things it can offer to diners. Good service is not just making sure the customers are seated comfortably in a cool atmosphere. It is not just food served in attractive presentation and good taste as well. Good service includes real concern for diners. Real concern means protecting each and every diner from the impurities that they could possibly consume from whatever food and drinks served to them. Does a restaurant show real concern in serving tap water? Can’t they even afford to offer safe water for free?

Waiting for Glasses of Juice to be Served
Waiting for Glasses of Juice to be Served

Granted for the sake of argument that they save some money for not giving free purified water, but how about the amount of money they are losing from disgusted customers who will never, ever go back to dine again. This explained the reason why there are still lots of vacant seats that night even if it was Friday. With their food not all excellent even if there are few that taste great, serving the diners with at least a glass of safe drinking water for free is a big consolation.

Now if you have never in your life tried tap water because you have been raised in a family that care a lot about health and then you are served with tap water in a restaurant such as this one, would this not put your stomach condition in disorder? Does this restaurant and all other restaurants that serve tap water know this not? If they don’t know how to protect the health of their customers then they should not be in the food business. A glass of safe water won’t cost them that much. If you can’t offer it for free then don’t just serve any water unless the customers ask for it. And before serving please make sure you ask first your customers if they do drink tap water before you ever get them to drink unsafe water without them knowing it.


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