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Target Store Opening Hours for Weekdays, Weekends and Bank Holidays

Updated on December 28, 2010

Target Store

Target Stores Opening Hours

Target stores all have different opening hours, which vary between weekdays, weekends and bank holidays such as Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Target is one of the biggest bargain stores in the US, second only to its main rival, Walmart. Target's items are already very affordable but they run sales and promotions throughout the year especially on Black Friday, after Christmas and at the end of summer. Target stocks many items including clothing, homeware including kitchenstuff, bedding, garden tools, electronics including video game consoles and 3d TVs and much more. Target brings in billions in revenue each year and its customers depend on it being open as much as possible throughout the year. You can be sure no matter how early Target opens its doors or how late it closes there will be customers.

While Target's official website may be open 24 hours a day its store have different opening times. In some cases shopping on Target dot com may be suitable but in cases where you need your purchases then and there you need your local Target store. This page will help you find Target store opening hours for weekdays, weekends and bank holidays including Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Target Store Opening Hours Weekdays, Weekends Bank Holidays

Target stores have different weekday and weekend opening hours but the majority of stores are open for at least 12 hours. The majority of Target stores open from 8am -10pm Monday-Sunday. Target stores need long opening hours over the bank holidays to bring in as much revenue as possible. Every year Target seems to extend its Christmas opening hours in order to help shoppers get their last minute Christmas gifts and things for Christmas dinner. Similarly Target needs to stay open at Easter and over the New Year as many shoppers need things. However the Target store opening hours do vary over the Christmas and New Year period with many stores reducing their opening hours. US Target stores seem to have longer opening hours than their Australian counterparts with such Target stores closed on New Years Day. It is a good idea to check your individual Target store opening hours to make sure you do not arrive at Target to find its doors closed.


How to check Target store opening hours

There are a number of ways to check Target store opening hours but the best is visiting the official Target website. When you go to store locator on the website you will be asked to enter your area, or zip code. When you enter your zip code a list of your local Target stores will be displayed. You need to click on details beside the Target store you wish to shop in. This will display the Target opening hours for this store for the next week. This will ensure that you visit your Target store while it is open.

Target Store Opening Hours for Weekdays, Weekends and Bank Holidays

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      Lizzie 6 years ago

      This information was very helpful. Thank you!

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