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Grow Your Own Tea Herb Garden

Updated on June 27, 2011

Even When Gardening is Not Your Cup of Tea

Tea is one versatile drink because you can enjoy it either hot or cold. Teas are usually calming and soothing but some can be invigorating and refreshing. But aside from versatility, drinking tea, particularly herb-brewed tea, also offers a healthy benefit. Herbal teas often have a wide range of medicinal properties and are generally good for the body. Some claim that a hot tea after a meal helps digest the food. While others swear by the slimming effect of some tea brews. My mother drinks tea for almost every ache--headaches, stomachache, colds, cough, indigestion and ?

For tea lovers, the idea of growing your own tea herb garden is almost as wonderful as having a free regular supply of tea. But they are often held back by the gardening aspect. What most people don't know is, herbs, especially the types that you can use for your tea, are the easiest plants to grow and maintain. All you need to know are the basics and you're good to start.

Three Things You Need to Know about Growing Tea Herbs

First, herbs in general loves sunlight. If you decide to grow them, choose an area in your house or backyard that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight everyday. If you growing your herbs in pots and indoors, place them near windows (windowsill herb garden are best) so they will be exposed to sunlight. If there's no adequate sunlight inside your homes, artificial lighting will do as long as you keep it on for at least ten to eleven hours everyday. Place it about three to six fee above your herbs.

Second, herbs do not require frequent watering. Overwatering herbs is a sure way to kill them. While some herbs need to watered more (depending on how dry is the weather in your region), most will do well when watered once a week or when the soil around the plant is already dry. Frequency and amount of water may be adjusted depending on the season (if it's the peak of summer for example).

Third, use organic fertilizer because commercial fertilizer will affect the taste and flavor of herbs. Organic compost is the most recommended.

Start Growing your own Herb Garden today!

The Best Herbs for Tea

Mint Flavored:

Some of the most popular varieties are peppermint, spearmint, double mint, chocolate mint and apple mint. They are very easy to grow and can even grow out of control without proper care. They also grow well indoors. Mint leaves are used for tea.

Lemon Flavored:

Lemon Verdana makes true-to-the-tatse-lemon-flavored-tea. It loves the sun and must be placed in a sunny window when grown indoors. Consequently, it doesn't love winter and must be taken inside to protect from the cold. It often shed leaves but regular watering will help grow them back. Use the leaves to make tea.

Lemon Balm is actually a close knit of mint but has a more distinct lemon flavor. Don't overwater as it likes dry soil and grow well in warm weather. Leaves are used for tea.

Licorice Flavored:

Anise hyssop is also called Licorice mint because of its strong licorice flavor. They grow well under full sun and rich organic soil. Fresh leaves and flowers can be used for making tea, but dried ones have more intense licorice flavor.

Sweet fennel is another herb that makes a licorice-flavored tea. But for this herb, seeds are used instead of leaves or flowers. Use dried seeds for more concentrated flavor. Fennel loves sun and lots of water but they suitable as indoor plants as they can grown up to six feet tall.

Fruity Flavored:

Tangerine sage and pineapple sage are both from the sage family of herbs. Tangerine sage likes partial sun while pineapple sage enjoys full sun. Both don't like to dried out and must be watered regularly. They don't do well during winter and need extra protection. Fresh and slightly crushed leaves are used to make tea.

Floral Flavored:

Chamomile is known for its relaxing effects but it is the German chamomile that makes the best-tasting tea. It loves sandy soils and requires lots of sun. During the hottest part of summer, it helps to water it more and often. Tea are made from its flowers.

Lavender is the sweet-selling herb that also makes a floral-flavored tea. It loves direct sunlight and well-drained soil, and grow well under warm climates. Use flowers to make tea.

Tea Herb Garden Design

Take your love for tea to the next level, don't just grow tea herb garden, make it more enjoyable by adopting a tea theme.

Since most herbs can be grown in pots and containers, you can plant your tea herbs in old teapots and tea kettles. Just make sure to drill some drainage holes at the bottom for proper soil drainage. You can also use cups and saucers for added decorations to match the theme. Experiment with different colors and materials to achieve the look that you like.

Grow different type of tea herbs. Mint, chamomile, lemon balm, sage and lavender provide an interesting mix of colors, scents and textures. You can also grow non-herbal plants that you think will complement your tea herb garden.

Most herbs attract butterflies and hummingbirds which are wonderful additions to your tea herb garden for a more nature-like look and feel. If you want a more relaxing vibe and ambiance, you can also install a man-made fountain that gives a soothing sound.

Lastly, it's also nice if you can put garden tables and chairs so you can invite friends over and entertain them in your garden while drinking freshly brewed tea.

Make your tea herb garden a haven of comfort and relaxation. This way, you'll truly enjoy the calming and soothing relief that herbal tea can offer.

Tea Herb Video

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