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Teenage girl bedroom ideas

Updated on July 1, 2012

As your child grows into a teen she will need her personal space, use these funky teenage girl bedroom ideas to transform her room into a cosy den that reflects her personality. Allow your teen help you in giving her room a makeover which will not just help her express herself better but also will help her learn to shoulder responsibilities. Sit down and discuss the room with your young lady and allow her to express what she has in mind and what she would like her room to look like. While some teens would like to personalize their rooms with paintings some others may want to accessorize the room with other items.

Do not panic if your teen comes up with exorbitant ideas that will burn a hole in your pocket. Instead discuss with her and set a budget and work within the budget. Teenage girl bedroom ideas do not have to be necessarily expensive and creative alternatives can be used to give a elegant and personalized touch to the room. Providing your daughter with what she wants and creating a fabulous space if her own is possible by using a bit of ingenuity. Make this a fun activity and a time to share your ideas, views, and bond together.

While in the process of gathering teenage girl bedroom ideas, it may be a good idea to invite your daughter’s friends who could help you with valuable inputs. Your daughter is likely to share her desires with friends of the same age group and you can give her a pleasant surprise by incorporating one of her wishes. Make the room as multi functional as possible by creating different sections in her room. Dedicate one corner for a small gathering of friends by throwing up a few antic wick chairs which will add a rustic look to the room and make a cozy place for her to relax with friends. You may want to convert one corner for exercising and another as a study section with a small study table and book shelf. For teens who love posters, pin up a few teenage inspirational quotes in the study section. Another great idea would be to accessorize her room with things she has made like hand painted items, or crafted bulletin boards.

Choose a fabric of her choice for her bedding, and window drapes. Use a bulletin board to pin up funny teenage girl quotes. Another suggestion would be to prominently display your child’s accomplishments like a badge or trophy that she has won, on a book shelf that will show that you are proud of her and encourage her to excel. Adding a vanity in one corner of the room is a great teenage girl bed room idea. Gift her, a full size mirror that will delight her.

If you are on a budget constraint while working on your teenage girl bed room ideas you can use old furniture by allowing your teen to paint them to their choice of colour and re arrange them in a more contemporary fashion to add an elegant touch to the room. A garage sale visit may help you get accessories that are light on the pocket and add to the beauty of the room. Add some teenage girl love quotes to spice up the room and use funky lighting to accentuate the accessories in the room. You may also paint one wall with stencils or a sponge to give a dramatic look.

Emphasize on her keeping her room clean and organized. Help her store her things for efficiently by including shelves, and rolling storage shelves that can go under her bed. These simple teenage girl bedroom ideas will help you transform her room into a place she will love to hang out in.


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      Yaamini Radhakrishnan 4 years ago

      Quite interesting and helpful

    • profile image

      gejaxe 5 years ago

      interesting to know the minds of growing children.

      thank u