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Templates for Wallpapering and Electrifying Your Dollhouse-Part 2

Updated on February 28, 2011

Marking your templates for electricity

I am showing you here how I marked my templates for the electric pieces I have chosen. If you want to put other lights you change the marks and cut them out of the template. I love using the Cir-kit wall plugs. I hope this Hub gives you enough information to start on electrifying and wallpapering your room or dollhouse.

Template for the back wall

I want to put sconces on either side of the wardrobe, so I have to measure the wardrobe, subtract the that measurement from the total width and mark the back template with the left mark and the right mark. The space in the middle should be the same size as the wardrobe.


Placing the sconce

Now, the right side of the template needs to be folded to the right line to the right of the wardrobe. You are finding the center of the space to the right of the wardrobe.

Now, do the same thing to the left side.

The next step is the design part of the activity. I put the top molding on the top of the template and the sconce where I think it will look nice. Then I stand up and look down on it. When I am satisfied. I place the circle sconce adaptor on the middle of the mark where the sconce is going and mark the circle. Then I cut the circle out with a # 11 blade.

On the left side I measure where the left sconce should go and then cut the hole out.

Now you have the back template finished-on to the ceiling.

Ceiling hole for electrification

This is preparing the ceiling template for the chandilier.

Fold the ceiling template in half width wise and length wise.  Open up the template and where the fold lines cross put a pencil dot.

Now, put the sconce adaptor over the dot and mark the circle.  Take a # 11 knife and cut the circle out. 

Template 3 is the last installment

 Template 3 will have all the finishing up things.  It will help make it all make sense.  See you soon.


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