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Tenerife Property Investment for buy-to-let property

Updated on June 21, 2013

Tenerife Property Investment

If you are considering investing in property ownership in Tenerife then Tenerife Property Investment may be able to help you find what you are looking for. The company specialises in buy-to-let properties, as well as providing a property finder service to cater for their clients’ needs.

Tenerife Property Investment has access to a large number of ‘distressed sales’ from people desperate to sell their homes due to a change of circumstances, and also to properties in Tenerife which have been repossessed and are now being sold by banks.

Buy-to-let properties

If you are looking to invest in property in Tenerife then Tenerife Property Investment say that there has never been a better time to consider buy-to-let properties. But is the company justified in using the word 'never'? Obviously in the current ongoing economic crisis you need to think very carefully about how you are going to invest your money. There are certainly a lot of properties for sale on the island at present so this could be a good time for finding a bargain but just because there are a lot for sale doesn't mean you are guaranteed success in buying one.

Tenerife Property Investment point out that finding the correct location is vital to successful investment in Tenerife and is often where people go wrong. You need to assess just how likely it is that you will find enough people who are looking to rent a property that you are going to own before jumping in and buying and then having your place sadly standing empty. The Tenerife dream can rapidly turn into a nightmare unless you get it right as many a failed would-be bar-owner could tell you, so this is where you need professional help and advice to make sure you do get it right.

To help you decide if investing your money in property on the island is for you, Tenerife Property Investment offer an online service. If you complete the company's form you will get an assessment of your gross and net returns. You can also download a free PDF file of The Secrets of Buy-To-Let Investments In Tenerife.

Joint Freehold

Joint freehold in Tenerife
Joint freehold in Tenerife

Joint Freehold properties in Tenerife

Joint freehold is where multiple owners buy a property between them. It is certainly one way of having a holiday home in Tenerife if you cannot afford the full price of buying a place.

Tenerife Property Investment are offering joint freehold homes at the Chayofa Country Club situated in the south of the island with prices starting at €16,750. Joint owners share the maintenance costs of these properties.

A joint freehold home may not be the same as having your own property that you can use, as you wish and when you wish, but it is well worth considering.

Chayofa Country Club is very near the Golf del Sur main golfing area in Tenerife and one advantage of being a joint freehold owner of a property there is that it enables you to make use of the facility that provides golf from as little as 15 euros per round. Keen golfers would see the incredible savings that could be enjoyed and would be more likely to want to own or rent a property that offers this.

Golf del Sur in Tenerife

Distressed sales

Distressed Sales

Distressed sales are sales of properties that have been put on the market at a reduced price because the seller wants to find a buyer as soon as they can and will accept a lower price than what they might get if they were prepared to wait.

Distressed sales can come about due to a major change in the financial state of a property owner or because of the death of a spouse. Sadly it means that you are taking advantage of someone else's disadvantage but there are some real bargains in this category of property on the market and Property Investment Tenerife would like to help you find one.

Although it might appear that you would be benefiting from someone else's misfortune, you would actually be doing a property owner in the distressed sales category a favour because they want to sell as quickly as possible. You get the sort of place you are looking for and they get the money they need, so everyone is happy.

Contact details

Phone: 0034 922 729325/ 0207 183 6287 (UK)



Tenerife Property Investment
Chayofa Country Club
Chayofa, 38652
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

It is also possible to obtain a brochure from Tenerife Property Investment by filling in your details in the request form in the Contacts section of the website.


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