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The 5 Top Rated Ice Cream Makers

Updated on March 28, 2013

If you are searching for an excellent ice cream maker in the market, there are some important points that you should consider before actually deciding to take a big leap into making your very own frozen delights. The days of churning, salt, and ice have been long gone although if you are really after those things, there are several kinds of manual machines that are still available. However, if you are not really that keen about spending most of your time on cranking equipment that is quite old, you will surely appreciate the wide variety of ice cream makers that are available today.

If money is not an issue at all, there are a few fancy models that our available out there, waiting for you to purchase them and place in your homes. Before deciding to buy your very own ice cream makers, you must have a budget in mind so that searching for the machine would not be too hard.

Will you be making ice cream for the whole family during the weekend? Many of the ice cream machines can yield 1 liter of ice cream, which is probably enough for a small family. However, if you are very serious about it and planning to make it by quarts for your friends, parties, or families, then you need to consider getting a bigger and more costly machine in the market.

Ice Cream Maker

Sunbeam GL8200 Gelateria

This small and compact device has the ability to make all types of frozen delights from gelato, yoghurts, sorbet and ice cream of course. Considered as a mid-range version among the available models in the market, the Sunbeam brand is a noted one in this offering, and this type of machine will make a perfect gift or a great choice for anyone who would like to make some good quality ice cream.

Cuisinart Supreme Commercial Quality Ice Cream Maker

This high quality device can only hold a small amount for a certain time but it boasts of its ability to be used as a continual appliance which will allow a user to make frozen delights in many batches. This type of machine does not need freezing bowls or pre-chilling as it churns out ice cream in an automatic method and no waiting is required. Considered as one of the most expensive types in the market, this brand is for individuals who make homemade ice cream seriously.

Mistral Igloo

If you are just up for some fun with ice cream during the weekend with your family, this type of equipment is perfect for you. it is considered as a cheaper option in the market and it looks fantastic for it is made in bright colors. It has the capacity to make about twelve scoops in one time, this device is best for use if you have a small family or a party with only a couple of children.

Cuisinart Duo

This machine comes from the line of Cuisinart ice cream maker which has been noted for delivering high quality ice cream. This equipment can make around two liters and you can even make two different flavors because it has dual bowl system.

Delonghi GC5000 Gelato Ice Cream Maker

This is probably the highest price model for it is top of the line. It makes about 1.2 liters in one time but it works continually and makes use of the latest technologies to deliver optimum results.


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