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Moving Tips To Make Your Move Less Stressful

Updated on September 2, 2022

Choosing the right size truck

Moving Isn't Always Easy

As the old saying goes "be careful what you wish for." Have you ever wanted to move so badly, the reasons why would fill a notebook? Perhaps you don't like where you live, you want something new or you are tired of your same old neighborhood, or you need to relocate for a job or found a new love. But the need to move elsewhere has reached levels of epic proportions. So the time has come to plan.

You've complained enough and decide it's time to set it all in motion. Finally one day you make up your mind and begin your new adventure. Looking for that wonderful apartment or house you so desire. or moving in with someone new. Making it even more difficult is doing a long distance move far from your current residence . Perhaps you're picking out a town, or large city you visited briefly, and liked it last time you were there. You are going to pick out an apartment by word of mouth and Internet search, and a handful of brochures. And a little help from local relatives.

You are hoping it won't be so bad, you'll find what you need and hope it will be what you want. You give a 30 day notice to your current landlord, start telling family and friends you are moving quite a distance away. Everyone and I mean everyone asks why you are moving. As if you are permanently glued to the small town you have become complacent in. Or maybe big city life you have grown weary with. Drawn out explanations don't help, Often friends and relatives just don't understand why you are going to move.

So every time someone asks you why you are moving, go through the whole explanation of telling them you need a change and want growth, and excitement in your life, that you are not finding it in your current residency. So you want to try something new and exciting. Baffled as they may be, you continue with the relocation process.

Start packing

Pack early so everything is neatly organized and in it's proper place. Because you are doing the move yourself, you reserve a moving truck, choosing one that is big enough for your belongings, and small enough for your budget. Always go bigger than you anticipate, having left over space is far better than not enough.

You start eliminating junk you don't need or want to travel across the state with. You will be surprised what other people need when you start selling off your own stuff. They need it even more if you are giving it away. Remember every dollar helps in the long run, relocating is expensive and recovery is going to take time.

A few weeks into preparations, emotions start to change, and stress begins running at all time highs. Questions you don't want to face begin to surface, like "Am I doing the right thing?" No one wants you to leave, but it is set in your mind, and change is growth. So you tell yourself and whomever will listen you are moving for all the right reasons.

By the time you pick up the truck, you realize it might be a tad to small. You get lucky and have several very competent movers to load your truck for little compensation. There are more kind people in the world than you think. We asked and we received. So having family and friends help pack is something to consider if you decide to move. Because loading a moving truck alone can be daunting to say the least. Not to mention back breaking.

The truck is loaded, you clean the apartment or house, which you should have been doing as you progressed in the packing process. So when you pull out of your old apartment it is in decent shape to receive your security deposit back if you were renting, as was I.

Saying goodbye

Goodbyes and addresses are exchanged, along with tight hugs and many tears. Now the fun begins, so you think. The cats that you are moving with, are not happy at all, especially if they haven't been programmed to enjoy loud moving trucks. Having them in a cat carrier is essential if you don't want to lose your furry friend, or have large hair balls for supper. Shrieking is a given so be prepared for loud meowing inside your moving truck.

Oh you didn't expect the flat tire on the truck, so now you are running behind. It only takes twenty minutes to air the tire up, so you are good to go. The truck is ready to depart, waving and blowing kisses brings tears while the truck maneuvers it's way down the winding road. Going through the small town knowing this is home, yet you will be living elsewhere does bring comfort.

We soon arrive at our brand new apartment exhausted and beaten, yet ready to unload and get settled in. Lo and behold the movers that were set up to unload were a nowhere in sight. Leaving two people with bad backs to unload an overstuffed moving truck. Glitch after glitch was wearing down the excitement of relocating. It started to pour down rain like a bad horror movie. Not just a few sprinkles, but a storm waiting to happen. Not just rain, but rain mixed with snow. That is the fun part.

The boys had it handled

We were happily welcomed by 5 young preteen boys who were more than eager to help unload the moving truck. Box after box, furniture, and every last item was hauled in and put in place by those enthusiastic young boys. They were even happier when we offered compensation, they loved having so many dollars to jam in their pockets. Two maintenance men did show up 4 hours later to bring in the heavy furniture. Lesson learned: Always have a back-up plan.

So everything is in the apartment, and unpacking boxes and arranging furniture, putting up the bed and other relocation duties begin. Finding new doctors, ordering services to make your new apartment a home. Who knew something as simple as hooking up cable would become a nightmare that never ends. Countless hours on the phone, and 5 appointments later the cable and Internet are finally working. When one phone call and one visit to install should have been enough. Adding to the frustration of moving it only makes one want to rush back home and have things as they were. Not really. We loved our new apartments and the neighborhood was a pleasure.

Losing familiarity, security , friends and family is hard enough, having to deal with incompetent services only adds to the shock of relocation. It takes time to assimilate to these new surroundings, especially if you move from a rural area you are accustomed to, to an area much larger and busier. Learning the ins and outs of maddening traffic, new stores, fun things to do, so many more people to meet becomes an adventure all by itself.

No matter how well thought out, well planned, or set up in advance, something is not going to to work out according to your expectations. Go slow, keep lists, talk to as many people as you can, do things like walking in your neighborhood, phone or write friends and family, cook meals, rest and expect to stray from all the preconceived notions you had in your head.

Label boxes accordingly
Label boxes accordingly

The Art Of Relocation

The art of relocation is not an easy one, it is riddled with unexpected twists and turns, if you realize this, your move will go much more efficiently, and you will be less disappointed when things go astray.

Things To Do After You Have Relocated

  • Make your new place home
  • Begin creating new routines
  • Exercise (it helps with anxiety)
  • Get to know the neighborhood
  • Take a ride around your new town, or city
  • Join a club or recreation center
  • Go out for a meal
  • Do research on the Internet
  • Stay in contact with friends and family
  • Write letter
  • Photograph your new area
  • Give your pet extra attention
  • Go shopping for necessities
  • Watch a movie or a favorite TV show
  • Cook a nice dinner

The sooner you begin these routines, the sooner you will assimilate to your new surroundings, and make the art of relocation a simpler and more gratifying experience.


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