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The Benefits Of Tiling Your Hallway

Updated on April 23, 2013

When you think of tiles, were is the first room in your home that comes to mind? I am guessing you would be thinking bathroom or maybe kitchen and you would be right as tiling is such a popular option for these areas of the home. Tile manufacturers are creating more and more products that harness the potential of tiles and design in other areas of the home and I have to say that they are coming up with some lovely pieces that would work very well within a hallway, a conservatory or the living quarters of your property. For this hub lets focus on the hall, it is after all the very first room you see when you open your front door so it pays to spend a little extra time getting it exactly as you would like it.

Practicality Over Design?

The manufacture process of ceramic wall and floor tiles has come such a long way in recent times, no longer is tiling a compromise for practicality over design. Hallways have had tiled floors for centuries and due to their long lifespan many Victorian houses here in the UK still exhibit these stunning floors today. These days both wall and floor tiles are designed to last, they are easy to keep clean and if fitted correctly in a suitable room they will stay looking as good as new for years to come. Not so easy to say that about wallpaper, paint or cladding is it?

In recent years I have been watching in excitement as more intricately designed tiles have reached the marketplace. These beautiful and striking products now bring the detail and design that can be achieved with wallpaper but with the typical attributes of tiles.

The Key Benefits Of Tiles

Your hallway is that place in your home that probably takes the most in terms of "battering". We come in and out with bags, coats and shoes, leaning on the walls as we pull our boots on and running in with our muddy wellies on a rainy day. However your hallway gets used it probably receives an awful lot of foot traffic, this is where tiles come into their own when they are compared with other decorating options such as wallpapers or paints. The key benefits to tiling are;

  • Tiles are waterproof so will not be damaged by wet umbrellas, wet shoes or dripping coats.
  • Tile are very hygienic as they are incredibly easy to clean, this is great for parents with toddlers.
  • Tiles are very hard wearing and will last as long as you need them too if they are fixed correctly.
  • If you spill something on a tile, so longs it has been sealed correctly (if applicable) it is unlikely to stain - not something that is true of carpets!
  • Tiles work really well with underfloor heating, creating a comfortable home environment.

Hallway Tiling - What to choose For The Floor

Tiling the floor of your hallway is a great idea and with so many different floor tiles to choose from it is well worth taking a look at lots of different colours and finishes. If you are looking at porcelain floor tiles it is worth bearing in mind that these usually require sealing fairly regularly to maintain them and protect from staining but once this is done you will be left with a heavy duty product that will bring style and glamour to your home. Floor tile suitability is very important to be aware of in a hall, as it is likely you will be stepping onto your tiles with outdoor footwear be sure to check the PEI rating of the product (not applicable to through body porcelain). The PEI rating (stands for Porcelain Enamel Institute) and it offers a grading system from 1 to 5, here is my summary;

PEI 1 - Ceramic tile suitable for interior wall application.

PE1 2 - Tiles suited to interior wall application for commercial or residential use. Or floor tile suited to a bear foot residential area such as a bathroom.

PE1 3 - Residential floor tile, or wall tile, low foot traffic such as bathroom or ensuite.

PE1 4 - Residential floor tile for higher levels of foot traffic or medium commercial floor applications.

PEI 5 - For areas subject to heavy foot traffic.

As a hallway usually takes foot traffic with outdoor footwear in my opinion you are best to look at tiles that are PEI 3 (with caution unless you are only going to be bear foot) or higher.

These reflective floor tiles make this hall look airy.
These reflective floor tiles make this hall look airy. | Source

Stylish Tiles For The Hallway Walls

There are so many wonderful printed design tiles that bring depth and a stunning effect to your home. Remember if you have a small dark hall choose light reflective tiles to open up the space, if you are lucky enough to have a larger hall then you can be more adventurous with bold colours. Have fun and be individual, there are so many tiles to choose from!

So, would you tile your hallway? Please comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

These striking patterned tiles would rival any floral wallpaper.
These striking patterned tiles would rival any floral wallpaper. | Source

This hub was written by Content Specialist Becky Whittaker who works for UK online tile retailer TileClick.


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