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The Benefits of A Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

Updated on August 31, 2009

If you do a lot of work that requires a high level of detail, you may want to consider investing in a full spectrum floor lamp.  These are lights that will give you the same exposure as you would expect from natural sunlight. 

Originally coined in the 1960’s by a photo biologist called Dr John Nash, full spectrum describes light that covers the complete variations found in light.  This range includes infrared light all the way across the board to ultraviolet light. 

It has been proven that natural sunlight can not only improve vision but also boost a person’s health, enabling the body to function to the best of its ability, which in turn means a higher level of productivity in the workplace.

A full spectrum floor lamp will look beautiful in your home
A full spectrum floor lamp will look beautiful in your home

Reasons To Buy A Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

If you have to do work that involves a lot of eye and hand co-ordination, you would definitely feel the benefits of working with full spectrum lighting. If you have good eyesight and work near windows, which let in the natural sunlight, you will find your work is so much easier to do.

However as the day progresses and the sun shifts in the sky, you may notice that your productivity starts to slow down. A lot of people realise that and have bought full spectrum desk lamps or floor lamps so that the light source is the equivalent of natural sunlight.

Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp

This is one of the original indoor natural spectrum floor lamps that are currently available. This lamp will allow you to see fine details even better than before because this lamp has been significantly improved and is now 20% brighter than before.

This type of lighting has an adjustable neck so you can focus in just the right angle that you need. Included with this floor lamp is an energy saving light bulb as well as a 3 year warranty.

Bell & Howell Sunlight Lamp

This sunlight lamp is 5 feet tall which is great for placing next to your table or comfy chair, depending on whether you are enjoying a afternoon of reading or if you are busy doing very detailed work.

This lamp has a bendable neck and produces full spectrum light that is excellent for the eyes. A bulb is also included in the price which should last for up to 5,000 hours.

Fantastic Choice Of Natural Sunlight Floor Lamps Available

If you do a quick online search, you will find that there are all types of full spectrum floor lamps as well as full spectrum desk lamps available.  They are definitely well worth the money if you want to help improve your well being while working. A full spectrum floor lamp is an investment that is certainly worth making.


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