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The Best Benches for Your Home

Updated on November 6, 2011

A simple bench serves a number of purposes in your home. Not only does the bench act as a decorative element, but it also provides extra seating for parties and entertaining. Nearly every room in your home has enough space for one of the smaller models. You have options that include metal benches, wood benches, and even upholstered benches.

The best benches are ones that sit around 24-inches above the floor. The height is tall enough that you can sit comfortably with your legs on the floor, but short enough that the bench remains separate from the rest of the room and the other pieces of furniture surrounding the piece.

Ottoman Benches

Ottoman benches are perfect for use in a living room, bedroom, or even a game room. The bench features a clean design that looks like an ordinary ottoman. The top of the bench lifts off, giving you extra space for storage. Store board games, magazines, and other items in the living room or use the ottoman bench for the storage of extra pillows and blankets in the bedroom. You can even use the bench in a foyer or entryway. Keep extra rain boots, hats, jackets, and gardening equipment inside and use the bench when taking off shoes at the end of the day.

Cushion Bench

A cushion bench looks like a traditional bench, but with a stuffed cushion on the top. The cushion gives the bench padding, making it extra comfortable. Benches of this type are perfect for adding extra seating to a living room or kitchen. Try placing one of the benches near a wall and arranging extra pillows along the back, which turns the bench into a small loveseat. You can even set the bench near a window, creating a makeshift window seat.

Rocking Benches

Add a modern and completely unexpected touch to your home with a rocking bench. Unlike ordinary benches, the base features two rockers instead of four legs. As you sit on the bench and shift your weight, it gently tilts back and forth, similar to a rocking chair. Opt for a black and white piece that gives the bench a modern flair, or chose a piece with brightly colored rockers for an additional touch of color.

Outdoor Benches

Do not neglect the great outdoors! When shopping for outdoor benches, pick one with a metal design or a plastic design. Metal designs have a slightly feminine touch with curved legs or flowered pieces. Choose wrought iron or cast iron, which holds up well to environmental dangers. Plastic benches have a more rugged look and are perfect if you have kids. No matter what the kids do, they cannot break the bench. Look for storage benches with a hidden storage compartment under the seat.


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