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The Best Choice in John Deere Bedding for Kids

Updated on June 23, 2010

John Deere is a name that means quality. Today there is quality kids bedding with the famous logo that has attracted many of our little boys.  Parents love the style and quality of John Deere bedding for kids, too.

The Best Choice of John Deere Bedding for the Boy's Bedroom

Of course, thread count and the quality of cotton come into play when selecting the best bedding for any child's bedroom just as it does when choosing for an adult. Once those concerns have been resolved, it is time to select the best pattern and color for the kid's bedroom.

Many parents, especially mothers, often think of John Deere and think of bright green and a bold yellow. If the traditional logo colors were the only choice, some parents would probably steer clear of the style. The bright green and the blinding yellow could easily overwhelm a small room. Additionally, some parents just are not willing to selet those colors if the other rooms in the house are done in more pastel shades. That's where the more traditional bedding designs of the tractor theme come into play.

The best choice among the wide selection of John Deere bedding sets for the young man is one that not only pleases him, but also pleases mom.

The Traditional John Deere Bedding

Any mom who has reared a little boy knows that John Deere and green go together. The traditional John Deere Bedding is a beautiful plaid comforter that enjoys Deere logo on the center panel.

The traditional John Deere bedding sets work well with solid color sheets in any of the matching colors or with the special John Deere sheets that display horizontal stripes of words and logo.

While it is quite customary from many moms to shy away from the boldness, the manufacturers have taken care of the situation.  The basic background on the traditional plaid comforter is a shade of tan with the green tractor with yellow wheels.  To help with the bedroom decor a lighter shade of the green would make a wonderful paint color for the walls, or perhaps, even a beige wall with John Deere wall decor would work. Think in terms of solids and softer accents to create the perfect decor for the little boy who will not settle for anything except the tried and true traditional colors.

 Of course, there are other variations of the John Deere bedding sets.  They can be found in green that can be a little bright or with a wonderful bright blue background.  The particular set shown has proved to be a favorite among mothers because the color scheme will work well in a very neutral bedroom without creating too much need for painting, as an off-whte wall can easily become a clean looking background for this John Deere.


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    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 7 years ago from Kansas

      The little tykes are going to love this style. I have a grand-son always playing with his tractor and moving dirt, sometimes in the house. That would make the perfect gift for him, unless he outgrows the dirt moving by then.