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The Best Houseplants for the Bedroom: Plants that Thrive in Less Plant-Friendly Places

Updated on October 20, 2015
Photo copyright 3268zauber via Wikimedia Commons
Photo copyright 3268zauber via Wikimedia Commons

There are two assumptions that are made in these recommendations for the best houseplants for the bedroom. The first assumption is that plants will have to thrive with low, mid-level, or half-day sunlight. Second, we’ll assume that it’s extremely desirable to have a hardy, low-maintenance plant that does not make a mess. No one wants dead leaves, dripping sap, or other such nastiness from their bedroom houseplants. Keeping these assumptions in mind, the following is a list of several of the best “bedroom houseplants” that work great in just about any region.

Pothos – A vine that’s easy to grow, propagates readily from clippings, and grows and branches out quickly. With the right care, leaf loss is rare. The pothos is not picky about the amount of water it’s given, so if a plant owner is somewhat inattentive and given to over-watering or under-watering the plant can still thrive. This is also a great first-time or beginner plant given that it has some room for error.

Fuchsia – Gorgeous, showy flowers abound in these plants that are ideal for hanging baskets. Fuchsia thrives in shade and half-day sun, and the primarily two-toned flowers come in a wide range of colors that can be selected to match the décor of just about any bedroom. While the plant does require a little more work because it requires regular fertilizing and needs watered frequently, its glossy dark green leaves and vibrant blossoms make it more than worth the extra effort.

Coleus – This is a plant that offers a huge variety of variegated and boldly-colored foliage, and it is extremely drought-tolerant and easy to care for. Coleus comes in both single-stem varieties that reach about 18” tall, as well as varieties that branch out and trail, making them excellent hanging basket plants. Single-stem plants often look best in pots placed on shelves or furniture at about eye-level so that one can thoroughly appreciate the beautiful plant. Coleus does not shed leaves, is readily available in most greenhouses (and easy to grow from seed if you want to be surprised about colors), and propagates very easily from clippings.

Lobelia – This plant has literally hundreds of colorful, long-lasting blossoms with an attractive shape and a nice variety of available colors. Lobelia trails beautifully, making them ideal for hanging baskets, and require half-day sun or medium light.

African Violets and Primroses – These are both excellent flowers to place in windowsills, on small shelves, or in those little corners where nothing else will fit. The picture at the beginning of this hub shows some of the amazing variety in these brightly-colored flowers, and the plants can grow to full maturity in only a 4” or 6” pot. They’re very forgiving on light levels, and as long as they have some filtered sunlight they will generally thrive. As long as the soil is kept moist, not over-watered or allowed to dry completely out, the plant should do well even for beginners.

Succulents – The many varieties of succulents are ideal for bedrooms because they almost never shed pieces of plant material, and only a couple of varieties are known to have excess sap that may drip. In general, succulents are very forgiving and low-maintenance. Bear in mind that some varieties require a lot of light while others require very little, and some varieties demand consistent watering while others prefer to be dry. Do a little research, and most likely you will be able to find the perfect plant for your bedroom within this category of plants.

Begonias – If you’re looking for beautiful, brightly-colored blossoms that last a very long time, then begonias are for you. These plants are extremely easy to keep, love shade, and are very forgiving when it comes to daily care. Non-stop begonias are among the favorites in this category as they have huge double blossoms. If you’d prefer hanging baskets, one of the beautiful varieties of wax begonia may be the perfect choice.

Bear in mind that these are just a small selection of some of the most common and readily-available houseplants for the bedroom; there are literally thousands that may fit well into your lifestyle and home décor that require minimal care. Plants add a special touch to any room, and constantly filter indoor air to make it healthier for humans to breath. While most container plants that enjoy part shade or full shade will do well as houseplants, you should still thoroughly research any prospective additions to your household to make sure that you understand and can provide for their light and maintenance requirements before making a purchase.


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