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The Best Crank and Manual Hurricane Shutters

Updated on February 3, 2019

If you reside in a hurricane prone area like South Florida, you need to know how to protect your home from the fury of the storm. The easiest method of protecting your home from a hurricane is by installing hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters provide effective protection for doors and windows from flying debris hitting and shattering them.

A gaping opening in a broken window or door can cause major destruction. The wind blows in through these openings and builds high pressure within the house. As the pressure builds up it looks for release and pushes at the roof. While the wind outside, simultaneously tries to suck away the roof. The double wind pressure can blow away the roof. Hence, having hurricane shutters is an absolute necessity in areas of South Florida.

There is a large selection of hurricane shutters available that work at protecting homes and offices from the ferocity of a hurricane.

Roll Down Shutters

These hurricane shutters are undoubtedly the best as they offer convenience and can be fixed on practically any aperture in the wall. They are fixed above the window and do not disturb the aesthetic appeal of the property. Crank handles are fixed to roll down shutters for easy operation and they can be manually operated from within the building or outside. Motorizing the shutters can overrule the manual operation and convert them into being fully mechanized. The automated versions are fitted with wind sensors, which automatically bring down the shutters when speeds of wind surpass the set value or the operation can also be regularized with timers that may be set for automatic closing and opening. Roll down shutters are the most expensive among all hurricane shutters.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters while providing necessary protection against hurricane also add to the architectural beauty of a house. The shutters are fixed on either side of the window and can be easily managed from the outside of a property. These hurricane shutters allow light to filter in while keeping the wind and the sound out.

Colonial hurricane shutters cannot be fixed on doors and that is a big disadvantage with using them. You will only be able to protect your windows and would need an alternative solution for all the doors opening out. The shutters are piled up above open windows when they are not in use. They actually look quite elegant and add an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of a home. They also provide a fair amount of shade and can be easily managed by one person alone. These shutters are not as strong as other shutters.

If you are staying in a hurricane belt you need to look at what type of shutters most suit your requirement.


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