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The Most Efficient Procedure For Cleaning Your House

Updated on July 20, 2020
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Josephine is a Social Worker who once in a while, enjoys cleaning her house and seeing it sparkling.

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Everyone enjoy living in a clean house. But sometimes, our busy schedule does not spare some extra time to do a thorough cleaning. Granted, you clean your home, but there are some places that you wash rarely. It would be best if you focused on doing a chore at a time, also referred to as task cleaning, to ensure you complete each task successfully. Let's look at the best procedure for cleaning your home.

1. Dusting Your Home

Furniture, window sills, television screen, and doors collect a lot of dust over time. Make it a habit to dust once or twice a month using a microfiber cloth as it's perfect for polishing surfaces.

For upholstered furniture, put on rubber gloves and rub it over the surface. Rubbing creates the friction that pulls out the dust. Don't forget your bookshelves, vacuum the top, and spines with a soft brush. You should wipe the back of the bookshelf with a damp microfiber cloth to clear all the dust.

It's advisable to dust the bookshelves three to four times a year. Or as often as you can. Opt for dry dusting as using a wet duster tends to leave a trail of fingertips on the windows and doors. But, if you prefer damp dusting, you can dampen your microfiber cloth with warm water.

2. Wash Your Fabrics

You want to wash all the fabrics in your house. So go to your bedroom and change those bedding, if you have furniture blankets, remove or replace them. You can brush the surfaces of your furniture with a vacuum extension if you need to. Remember to use a washing detergent to do your cleaning for the best results.

3. Glass Windows and Doors

Wipe all the glass windows and doors throughout your house, clean your windows from top to bottom. You can either use a squeegee, microfiber cloth, an old t-shirt, newspaper, or a window cleaner. Make sure to use only a procedure that will leave your windows streak-free.

4. Your Surfaces

Your windows are clean, and your fabrics are sparkling. Its time to clean all the surfaces in the house. Use water with soap to remove dirt on surfaces such as kitchen, tables, cabinets, drawers, doors. And disinfect them where necessary.

5. Kitchen and Bathroom

To clean your kitchen, start by putting away things that are not in their proper place in a basket to arrange later.
Put all your dirty dishes in your dishwasher, soak the microwave, turntable, pans, and bowls.

Spray your washing detergents on countertops as you clean your refrigerator. Clear are foodstuffs that have expired. Go back and wipe the countertops, then clean all the dishes on your sink, including the soaked ones. once done, you can empty your bin

Use your toilet brush to clean your bathroom. Scrub the inside, and take care not to leave any stain—wash the outer parts also and rinse. As you clean your floor, it's essential to know the type of tiles your house has and how to go about cleaning.

6. Clean Your Floors

Start by sweeping the whole house. Then scrub your kitchen and bathroom floors. And proceed to clean the other tiled floors in your home. While putting into consideration the type of tile your home has.
There are various tiles like laminate tiles—vinyl, wood, linoleum, stone, or carpet. All need different cleaning ways.

  • If you have a laminate floor, wipe them with a damp mop. To remove standard stains, use a water and vinegar solution. While for stubborn stains such as shoe polish, you can use a nail polish remover with acetone. To protect your floor, you can put pads underneath your furniture legs and plant pots.

  • As for a vinyl floor, use a mild detergent and a damp rag to mop, remove marks, dip a piece of cloth in white spirit, and rinse.

  • Wood floors need the least amount of water, as too much water makes them swell. You shouldn't polish waxed wood often. It can leave the surface tacky making them prone to attracting dirt. Wash the floor with a Damp mop with a detergent or floor cleaner and then rinse. For stubborn stains, use a damp nylon pad. For protection, you can apply a floor cleaner of your choice.

  • Stone is susceptible to staining. You should make sure you protect it. Clean your floor by vacuuming it, then mop with a mild solution. If it has grease, use stain removers.

  • For carpet floors, you can use a cleaning machine. But if you don't own one. Spot-treat the stains on your carpet first, then vacuum.

7. Vaccum Your Home

Vacuuming is essential if your home has a carpet, start by vacuuming the bedrooms, going through the staircase to the living area, and finally out the door.


Now that you are sure you have cleaned every corner of your house, and it's sparkling. You must be feeling proud of yourself. Sit-on your favorite chair, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. You've done an incredible job.

Cleaning | Source
Disinfecting | Source

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