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The Best Quality Automatic Gates

Updated on October 10, 2014

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Sydney home or bolster security with automatic gates and electric doors. When you have our high quality, fully automatic gates at your main entrance, you never have to get out of your car to manually open the gate again. New Sydney homeowners can obtain security from the start by installing automatic gates and electric doors that can only be operated with special gate openers. An electric gate system will also enhance the value of the property when it is time to sell your home.

Advantages of Gate Automation

Electric gates, though rare, offer excellent solutions to home security. Installing an automatic gate is an easy way to ensure security, and you can find models for all property sizes. Costs of electric gate kits and installation have gone down significantly since the technology first entered Australian markets. The first commercially available automatic gates were hydraulic, meant to offer easy use and reliability. They were very expensive, however, and could only be afforded by commercial properties that required large and heavy gates.

Because of the cost and high torque generated by these hydraulic gates, many companies like ours experimented with electromechanical designs to come up with an automatic system for home use. With a team of expert engineers and designers, we came up with some perfect, cost-effective gate solutions that are now available not just for Sydney homeowners but for Australians across the country.

There are plenty of features that can be added to the gates to enhance security, such as security cameras, electronic keypads or keycards, additional gates that work in conjunction with the main gate, security guards etc.

Types of Electric Gates

· Swinging Gates: These are the most common types of electric gates used in residential properties, available in a variety of classic and modern designs. Swing gates make very good driveway gates, and are fitted with industrial quality hinges, drive units and state of the art electronics.

· Sliding Gates: These gates fitted on tracks are ideal on properties and gateways where space is an issue. Sliding gates are also perfect for gateways where the driveway beyond is on a steep incline. They are popular on commercial properties and in cantilever gate systems, which can require lower maintenance than a tracked sliding gate system. You can also power a sliding gate system with an electric motor and backup battery to keep it operational even in times of mains failure. Sliding gate systems are fitted with an obstacle sensor on the wall to prevent it from closing when a vehicle or some other obstacle is in the way.

There are also different types of electric gate openers.

· Swing or sliding gate opener: These openers offer easy installation and they are also simple to use. They are available in pre-packaged kits for easy use.

· Underground gate openers: For a more discrete and attractive to traditional gate openers, hidden underground systems are a great option. These openers usually are fitted under the gate, and control it by moving the pivot point of each gate leaf. These openers allow the gate to be swung up to 180 degrees as required. Underground gate openers are ideal for residential properties; however the water table in the area needs to be considered before the installation of an underground opener. If the water table is too high, it can result in unit failure.

Since electric gates are meant to enhance security, it is highly recommended that you get them installed by experienced professionals. The quality of workmanship should be top notch in order for the gate to be effective. Poorly installed gates can undermine security and be a waste of money.

If you are looking for automatic gates in Sydney, Australia, you can contact quality structures and security systems. They will work with you to select the ideal unit, and their installer will have the gate up in no time. They also offer repair and maintenance services to keep your property safe for a long time. Their team provides a life-time guarantee on workmanship, stylish and premium driveway gates, high security systems and other gate solutions to suit the needs of your property.


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