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Crock Pot Cook - Best Slow Cookers

Updated on March 7, 2011

Slow cookers are ideal if you want to make a meal that just melts in your mouth. They do exactly what they say they do. It's in the name. They cook food slower that usual. So now, there is a gradually level of scrumptious cookness that is constantly building up and there's no fear of over shooting. Think of frying an egg. When you do that, it's not on the highest setting possible on the stove element. You usually start at a low temperature and kind of work your way up as it cooks. Well the slow cooker does that automatically. I've had a lot pulled pork and stew from this thing, but I know there are people out there who are even more adventurous than me. And that adventurism requires a good slow cooker. The first of the cookers is the one that I own. The rest are ones that I have seen or used at friends or families houses.

5. Crockpot

Now isn't it ironic that the actual brand is exactly the name of the product and that product is the last on the list? I've seen a lot of these crock pots break. Either they don't heat for some reason, or the durability was definitely not what it could be. It still does a pretty good job though, but unless you have the patience for it, then you won't be having a grand ole time...

4. Cuisinart

This crock pot is the crock pot of the new age. It's digital! So you know it's going to be a user friend interface. There are many different settings, so you can cook however you want to an the slip of a button, and not a slip of time. Its probably on of the bigger higher end products so unless you are intense at what you are doing, getting this pot won do you too good.

3. West Bend

This is a brand I've ever really heard of before, but you can't always let that fool you. It is a little more expensive than the rest, but the shape of it and the portability of it, makes it perfect for any chef on the go. It comes with its one tote! That's already multitudes of cool. If you are cooking a big dinner, don't get/use this though. Unless you want to cook for hours on end.

2. Elite Cuisine

Now this crock pot fits into the category of presents for a friend who is movie, or friends of a chef.  It's the perfect size for a student on a budget, or a single person who wants to make their own mean...with some extra from tomorrow. A friend actually got this for a present a year ago and she still uses it. If you are looking for a cost friendly crock pot, this bright red pot is the way to go!

1. Hamilton Beach

This crock pot is the one my family uses. I think Hamilton has the best products for the price in almost all kitchen categories. The size of the crock pot is probably bigger that what people would need, since in my own family of 8, we usually don't eat everything! We've had this crock pot for more that 2 years and we still continue to use it. Highly Recommended.


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    • profile image

      Thuli 3 years ago

      I am retired but I still love coiokng in my CrockPot. recipes are endless and so good. I make a beef roast in mine and use three seasoning packets, Ranch, Peppercorn and Italian. Out of this world taste.

    • profile image

      Loran 3 years ago

      Full of salient points. Don't stop beivileng or writing!