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The Creative Garden With How To's

Updated on July 4, 2016

A walk through the garden

I love walking through a beautiful garden, or any garden for that matter.

A garden full of Heavenly smells, awesome sights and wonderful sounds.

I am especially fond of visiting gardens where the gardener has used unusual items to create a sense of creativity or whimsey.

It is amazing how someone can take something ugly, broken, worn or torn and turn it into a thing of interest and beauty.

A Pallet Planter Box


Pallet Garden

This is a great idea for any garden area.

Simple to make using an old pallet. You may be able to get one used from your local hardware store or buy one new at Amazon.

A small amount of chalkboard paint and piece of chalk will remind you what you have planted. Or you could write down a favorite saying or Bible verse. Simply erase to change the words often as you like.

This would be great sitting right outside the kitchen to fill with herbs or strawberries.

It would also be beautiful over flowing with an abundance of colorful flowers.


Silverware Wind Chimes

I love the hear sound of wind chimes tinkling in the breeze.

These pretty wind chimes are great way to turn trash to treasure. By using old Silverware, a wire whisk, gauge wire and a few tools you too can create this piece of art work.

Its easy to find old silverware at garage sales and thrift stores.

To learn how to make these whimsical wind chimes be sure to stop by and visit garden drama

Tea Cup Planter


Tea Cup Feeder

Every garden needs something to draw the birds and this little pretty should do the job.

Absolutely perfect for the cottage style garden. You may want more than one of these, the birdies are sure to visit often.

With a pretty tea cup and saucer, a copper pipe a strong waterproof glue and a few other simple inexpensive items, anyone will be able to create this beauty.

For complete instructions and how to's visit : A cultivated Nest

Butterfly Feeder


Feed The Flutterbys

Everybody loves a garden full of butterflies! I know I do !

How fun to be able to have this whimsical jar or jug to attract them. Another great way to recycle and reuse . I think making this will be as much fun as using it.

I can't wait to see the Butterflies swarm this feeder and watch as they flit around the garden from flower to flower and then back again to sucking up the sweet nectar.

What a fun and rewarding project this is..

To make your own Butterfly Feeder click : HERE

Miniature Fairy Garden Village

It takes a village

I hope you enjoy the You tube video Miniature Fairy Garden Village, Be sure to take the tour.

The Fairy Village

I always wanted to create a fairy garden with my grandchildren, But I just didn't know where to begin.

Oh my a whole fairy garden village they would love that and so would I.

Searching through Amazon I was able to find some really cute items. They can get pretty pricey if you are looking to create an entire village. I think a good place to start would be at garage sales and or my local thrift stores.

Once you have collected a few things to create a Fairy Garden, you will need to decide where you should put it. You could use a space in an already existing flower bed or some sort of container. It could be created in a flower pot, an old wheel barrow, a bird bath bowl, a wooden crate, a drawer from an old dresser, a wagon. These are just a few ideas the skies the limit.

Beautiful Water Fountains


A water Feature

There is something about the sound of running water that feels so soothing.

A water feature in the garden is a must for me. This summer I will be re-doing my water feature, at the moment my water feature is water flowing from an old fashioned water pump into a half oak barrel. I have really enjoyed it but now I would like something bigger. That being said, I have been surfing the net and found some really fun and interesting water features at Funky Junk Interiors.

I am once again amazed at the awesome things one can make from junk..From trash to treasure .

A Trellis To Grow on


For Winding Climbing Clinging Vines

My garden must have a trellis, here there and everywhere.

I need a trellis for the colorful sweet peas to wrap their selves around.

A trellis in the vegetable garden for the cucumbers to climb.

A trellis for the climbing roses to get them off the ground


My Secret Garden

Come follow me along the secret path to my seclusive garden.

Remember the book The Secret Garden a favorite book of mine. When I was a little girl I would daydream of having my very own secret garden, a place where I could be alone to read or play with my dolls . Maybe play dress up and have a tea party.

Now that I am all grown up I would still love to have a secret garden. My secret garden would have beautiful roses with violets growing beneath, lavender, snap dragons and queen anne's lace. It would have a seating area, a bench or a couple of chairs, My secret garden would have would have a table to set my cup of tea and plate of cookies upon. My secret garden would have a birdhouse or two. My secret garden would be quite and peaceful. My secret garden would be beyond the garden gate. But don't tell anyone...

Shhhh it's a secret.

My secret garden would have beautiful roses with violets growing beneath, lavender, snap dragons and queen anne's lace. It would have a seating area, a bench or a couple of chairs, My secret garden would have would have a table to set my cup of tea and plate of cookies upon.


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