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The Definitve Guide to the Two Seater Sofa

Updated on October 13, 2010

A two seater sofa – sometimes referred to as a love seat – typically has two cushions and is designed to allow two people to sit comfortably.  It is common to find couples sitting on them, which is probably where the phrase “love seat” came from.  Many homes have furniture sets which usually consist of a large sofa, a 2 seater sofa, and possibly one or two armchairs depending on the amount of space available.  However, many larger cities provide less living space per dollar which means the average person tends to have less room than those living further away from the city.  Small living spaces can only hold so much furniture and these particular sofas are an overall win in many cases.

With all the different reasons to own one, you may be wondering yourself why you still don’t have one or why you shouldn’t be considering another one to replace your old sofa.  The truth is, there are many different types to choose from and all this can be overwhelming when time is so valuable in today’s economy.  This guide will help bring light to the unknown and walk you through what may best fit your needs.

One of the most common styles you can get today is a leather two seater sofa.  These can come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.  Some are bulky and will make your living room seem tiny and others can seem small in a large warehouse but when imagined within the relative space that is available, it can just make sense. Some shapes go well with existing furniture so sometimes it is best to take pictures of what you currently have and bring them with you when shopping around.  This will also help the people trying to find something to suite your needs as they will now have a great reference to look at instead of just words and hand motions. Be aware that leather is known for collecting stains easily so this is something you should plan ahead if you have pets, children or planning one of the two in the future.

In really tight living spaces you may even be thinking about doubling your living room as a sleeping area and to do this it will require a two seater sofa bed.  It sounds kind of contradicting but these have been around for ages and are not only used in tiny apartments, but in medium to large homes where friends and family often stay the night.  These are usually designed in a more box-like shape than others due to the built-in bed functionality and they almost always weigh more unless compared to handmade wood sofas or those made of other heavy materials.  With that, they typically cost a lot more than any average two seater – especially if made with real leather.

Budget is a huge concern for most these days and if considering a cheap two seater sofa then there are plenty of options you can choose from. Online stores are a great place to start and allow you to compare many different options right from your home. You can check your local community and see when everyone has their yard sales to really widen your options and possibly get the best deal ever. If you prefer hand-me-downs then ask family and relatives if they would be willing to provide some second hand furniture. These can be absolutely great to have as they not only represent family but if passed down through generations they can really accumulate a ton of value if kept in good condition. In a worst case scenario you may end up at your local furniture stores – or possibly out of town stores – and check their clearance items for a two seater sofa for sale. You are likely to get a great deal on something that has never been used.

With small two seater sofas you are likely to make your apartment feel more comfortable and make it feel bigger than if you were to have a normal size sofa.  Large and average sized houses usually have one or two bed sofas for family and friends.  Saving money is a very important topic in today’s struggling times and you now know that there are many options available to you and there really is no excuse to not owning one that will make you feel great for years to come.  They can also make great gifts for loved ones and really give them a spin for imagination!


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