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Sell Your Stuff Through An Online Auction

Updated on August 13, 2013

Selling Your Stuff Through an Online Auction

Your first step should be to honestly assess your possessions to see what you don’t need. That includes things you aren't using anymore, and other things that you've kept and have not used in the last five years. Get rid of them now so you don’t have to move them in your new home. Give them away, donate them, or sell them.

Plus, here's where those rare items can pay off. Bidding wars can happen if your items are in excellent condition and hard to find. Mention online auction and comes to mind. But, there are other sites available now. An up and coming estate sale auction site based out of Virginia is You can work with an affiliate for and sell your whole collection through an online sale, reaching a global audience. The affiliate will photograph, describe and upload everything for you for a share of the proceeds.

Online auctions have struck a deep chord with Americans.

The sheer numbers of sellers is so huge that you can buy anything you need or want online. For collectors and hobbyists the Web is a wonderland, bringing them an affordable means to covering a lot of ground in finding rare and sought after items. People are now used to scanning auction sites for items they need and want and have grown used to shopping at their convenience because the markets never sleep.

You can find treasures for a few dollars or a few hundred dollars.

You will always find a bargain. Shipping is the buyer's responsibility. There are lots of different kinds of estate auctions available. See the following list of examples.

  1. Antiques & Art
  2. Household Items
  3. Designer, Decorator Items & Furniture
  4. Contemporary Furniture & Decor
  5. Farm & Equipment Sale
  6. Business Liquidation Sale

Get Organized for Your Online Sale

Once you have identified the items you are taking to your new home, you have a better idea of the stuff left for disposal. First, give items to loved ones today instead of waiting for the future. Donate items to charity and now you are ready to sell the rest.

Now start your inventory of items you intend to sell. Write a description that includes as much information about the item as you know, including things like the manufacturer, year it was manufactured, date of origin, original art, artist,signature, sterling/weight, style of item, condition of item and more. You get the idea. The better the description, the better it sells. Take a clear photo of the item that shows the detail. If the photo is clear the item can be seen well by the potential online buyer in a thumbnail photo. Whether you are uploading the images or hiring someone to do that for you, it's important to follow these rules in writing the description and taking the photo.

Just like a live auction box lots are very popular in an online sale. Put like items together that have a value of at least $25-$30. Items such as plates and coordinating cups and napkins with a tablecloth would make a good box lot. A big box of various tools like screw drivers, ratchets, measuring tapes, and other handheld tools make an excellent lot. Toys in the same age range are ideal because individual toys do not sell for very much so putting them together gives them more value.

Schedule Sale To Maximize Online Exposure

In order to reach thousands of people make sure the sale is online at least 10 days to three weeks prior to closing. Because online sales have global reach it's important to have a sale up as long as possible in order for the search engines to do their work. Someone looking for a particular item like a native Indian piece of pottery will search the web and land up on the site with your sale. This is how you can attract a buyer you will never meet in person.

What Are You Waiting For?

Get references when contacting the online auction company in your area. Make sure they are insured and have one year's worth of experience. Downsize and find a new home for your treasure and find peace for yourself.

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