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The Gartendirektor Otto Linne Rose

Updated on October 26, 2015

The Beautiful Garten Director


Garten Direktor Otto Linne

The Gartendirektor Otto Linne is a beautiful antique rose. Its branches consist of huge clusters of small, ruffled, heavenly scented, deep pink flowers.

The Garten Direktor is a shrub that may be grown as a climber. I have mine growing as a climber, she grows over a five and a half foot trellis. I have her set up in a corner , and her branches stretch out about 3 feet in either direction. I love the way her fully loaded branches climb up and over the trellis and just cascade down .

The Gartendirektor Otto Linne was introduced in 1934. Lambert, Germany


The Gartendirektor Otto Linne, grows to a height of 6 to 10 feet. Growth is upright and fountain like.

It grows well as a hedge, shrub or trained as a climber in mild climates.

The stems are not quite but nearly thorn-less, with its leathery light apple-green leaves.

Her foliage appears long before her first blossom and remains throughout the growing season. Having foliage that is nearly constant contributes to her being a versatile plant with outstanding traits.

Otto Linne



She is lovely asset to any garden . With her fully double blooms,. A large cascading shrub with large clusters of pink flowers.

The flowers are 2 inch full, pink with a white center and darker edges.

The flowers of the Gartendirektor Otto Linne grow in large clusters and has a mild fragrance.

It has a continuous bloom throughout the season.

Fully double blooms with pretty ruffled edges.

She is hardy and vigorous and is great as a cutting flower. In fact a single cut branch will fill a vase.

Blooms repeatedly late spring well into the fall.

Gartendirector Otto Linne
Bloom Size
small - 2"
petal Count
full, double, 26 -40 petals
Rose Color
Medium to deep pink
In large clusters, a repeat bloomer
4 ~ 5 Feet
a mild scent
Peter Lambert, 1934
USDA Zones 4/warmer


Does well to have organically enriched well drained soil.

The Gartendirector Otto Linne as well as with most roses , grow best in soils with a pH range of 5.8 to 6.8 (slightly acidic) because they are able to absorb nutrients efficiently. In the case of extreme pH values, plants will suffer from inadequate nutrition and the growth will most likely be stunted. With high acidity levels, being below pH 5.8 plants will produce yellow foliage on the entire plant. Whereas high alkalinity (above 6.8) produces yellow leaves at the top of the plant.

Watering the garden



The first sign of stress to your rose bush may be wilting leaves and flowers, shriveled buds and the lowers leaves are beginning to yellow and falling off..

Water To Penetrate Roots, Roses have large root systems and efficient watering must provide a relatively quick and even distribution of water throughout all the roots.

Keeping soil moist but not drenched or soggy.

Spreading mulch around the rose bush will benefit the rose bush, and help to retain moisture. But not only to help retain moisture, mulching is effective in weed control.

Good mulch to use:

Redwood (small bark)

Mushroom compost

Rotted Manures


Shredded tree leaves

Pine needles

Aged sawdust

Home compost

Cocoa bean shells

The Gartendirektor Otto Linne Rose is disease resistant and drought tolerant..

Grows well in a zone 4 to 9.


Roses need nutrients..nitrogen,for foliage growth, phosphorus, for healthy root and flower development, and potassium, maintains vigor.

These three are the main ingredients although there are others as well. Such as calcium,magnesium and sulfur

I use a shake and feed Rose Plant Food , following manufactures directions.


Start your Own New Rose

The Gartendirektor Rose Otto Linne is fairly easy to start from cuttings.

For more information go to Lady Banks Rose

It is pretty easy to start a new plant and it does take patience. Having said that, be sure to take several cuttings at one time..

Beautiful Roses

There is a rose for every garden..


Rose Scented Tea

Add rose petals to tea to add a subtle flavor and distinctive scent.

7 ounces of highly scented rose petals

1 1/4 pound of the finest quality tea..(Oolong is a good choice)

Mix together well in a large bowl and store in an airtight container (I use a mason jar )

Make your self a nice cup of tea in your usual manner....

Using your favorite tea cup

Rose Scented Sugar

Rose scented sugar can be used to sweeten cakes and sauces, stirred into a cup of tea, etc.,

5 cups highly scented dried rose petals (be sure that the rose petals are completely dried )

1 cup Castor sugar or extra fine sugar

Grin the rose petals in a food processor until the consistency of sand. You may can use a coffee grinder , however, make sure there are no traces of coffee, otherwise the coffee will overpower the scent of the roses.

Mix the ground rose petals with the sugar and store in an airtight container...

Rose petals used as a food or drink source should always be cleaned well before drying..And should not be used if they have been sprayed with a pesticide .

And if you don't have enough rose petals to work with they are available for purchase.

Dried Rose Petals

The Gartendirektor Otto Linne is a beautiful antique rose. Its branches consist of huge clusters of small, ruffled, heavenly scented, deep pink flowers.


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