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The Hurricane Mop and Other Television Ads

Updated on March 4, 2015

The Lint Lizard


As Seen On TV Ads

Okay..I admit it..I am gullible and fall for many of the as seen on TV commercials.

Some I like and am really happy that I bought the item. Others ..well not so much, and I could kick myself for falling for it.

There are so many and they are all so just know that the item being shown is going to change your life for better...

Take for instance the as seen on TV gadget that hooks up to your vacuum cleaner and sucks all the lint out of your dryer, the lint that is deep down and never made it into the lint filter...It's "THE LINT LIZARD," No, I haven't bought that one YET. But I might.

I mean really, How can I resist ?

  1. It Reaches 43"
  2. It Removes lint build up in dryers (trapped lint that could cause a fire.)
  3. It Fits any vacuum hose

Hard To Resist


Moving Furniture And Washing Cars

Or what about those sliders that you put under your furniture, now those things are pretty nifty...Why if I had a set those, I could re-arrange my furniture every day.....

And the really super cool thing is that I can put one of those little disk under each of the tires of my car and just slide that puppy over and out of my way, giving me room to wash my car. After I slide my car out of the way..Imagine that.

I can get out my Hose That Grows, you know the one.. The 50 ft full size garden hose..that fits in my pocket.

Hook the baby up to my as seen on TV, Mr Clean Auto Dry car wash system that, cuts dirt and grime, leaving a spot free clean and shine. Or maybe I should use the, as seen on TV, Sham Zami Car Washing System with Free and Fast Shipping at everyday low prices.

These are just a few of the items that we have all seen on the television Commercials.

Hurricane Spin Mop


Hurricane Spin Mop Deluxe ,Hurricane Spin Mop Deluxe Cut your cleaning time in half! The best mop you will ever buy.

The Hurricane Spin Mop

Just recently I bought the Hurricane Spin Mop.

This was one of the best products, I have ever purchased from as seen on TV.

So far it does everything the advertisement claims....I like it because it is light weight, making it easier on my back..The only problem for me is the set I ordered only came with one mop head..I do however like the mop so I will be ordering some more mop heads.

Washer & Dryer Mop System Cuts Cleaning Time in Half!

I have found that,With the Hurricane Spin Mop, I never have to bend my back while mopping the floor! Which was my why I wanted this mop.I give the mop a couple of dunks in the bucket, place it in the basket and push down the foot pump. The centrifugal force spins more than one thousand RPM's to dry the mop for you! The special head creates a powerful gravity defying suction that literally inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop. It was put to the test today when my granddaughter dropped a full cup of milk. It really did soak up the milk. The mop head is removable as well as machine washable so you can use it over and over again. It claims to be great for any type of floor! I have ceramic tile and it works for me. And, it has a 360-degree swivel head, allowing you to clean in the corners, the sides of the baseboards, go underneath items, even clean WITHOUT moving the furniture. The mop handle is super light and can lie flat so that you can clean comfortably underneath your beds, couches,etc.

I Appreciate Your Opinion, Please Vote

Do you buy As Seen On TV Items ?

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Hurricane 360 Spin Mop Testimonial.Wet or dry the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is the Best Mop you will ever Buy.

Okay..I admit it..I am gullible and fall for many of the as seen on TV commercials.

Some I like and am really happy that I bought the item. Others ..well not so much, and I could kick myself for falling for it.


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