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Canopy Bed Trend

Updated on September 24, 2016

When my grandchildren come to visit, one of their favorite activities is building a fort. Not only does it involve an ample supply of blankets and pillows, they usually manage to rearrange the whole room. I don’t mind their playing because I am aware that it keeps them busy as well as using their imaginations.

As adults, we have abandoned building forts, but perhaps we are drawn to canopy beds because they remind us of our childhood. I remember well the day my parents bought me a beautiful white single colonial-style canopy bed with white antique finish. I was also delighted with the frilly canopy and matching embroidered bed cover. Along with the pink shag carpet, I truly loved my bedroom.

I have warm childhood memories of all-night slumber parties and Saturday morning cartoons. I was totally unaware of the history of the canopy bed. It turns out that in medieval times practical individuals appreciated the canopy bed for its functionality.

Common folks who usually had thatched roofs would attach posts to their beds and hang a sheet between them to keep insects and other items from falling on them while they were sleeping. Some folks that lived in colder climates would hang blankets on the sides to give an extra layer of insulation from the frigid nights. Those that lived in tropical climates would drape netting over the posts to keep the mosquitoes from biting.

When we lived in Samoa, we actually made our own canopy bed by rigging some poles onto the ends of our bed and draping a sheet overhead. We lived in a house that had a vaulted ceiling and because of the very warm climate, there were a few geckos that would sneak inside. They loved to climb up on the open trusses where they would catch their prey and do their duty. We didn’t like the idea of it falling on us. We had a large black gecko that we named Leonard. He kept our house insect free until one day he ate some rat poison I had put out and he died. Poor Leonard.

So how is it that people today still like to have canopy beds, even though most people have adequate roofing, heating and air conditioning systems? Well, eventually the wealthier people could see that canopy beds were not only functional they were stylish as well. They would add huge posts to their beds and add heavy draping material of all kinds. They found that the canopy bed gave them some privacy from their servants and others who might share their homes.

Eventually canopy beds came to be a status symbol for aristocrats and royalty. Mansions and palaces were expected to have large comfy canopy beds for the occupants as well as guests. They would pile pillows, quilts, afghans, and comforters on top. Owners would even add a step to help the occupants get into bed since they were built so high (reminiscent of The Princess and the Pea).

Now you can still purchase canopy beds in numerous styles. There are Colonial, Victorian, Romantic, wrought iron, Mediterranean, Tuscany and many more. They also come in contemporary style with more geometric clean lines. Even though your purpose for wanting a canopy bed may be different from those we have discussed, they still seem to bring magic to your bedroom.


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  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thank you Joe Loo. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • profile image

    Joe Loo 7 years ago

    Nice one, it is beautiful :)

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    @onegoodwoman - hopefully we can all have canopy beds in heaven - or at least the clouds would be nice. Thanks for commenting.

  • onegoodwoman profile image

    onegoodwoman 7 years ago from A small southern town rich and oppulent they seemed to a girl of 8 years...........

    romantics beyond my years and my reach.....

    thanks for taking me back to a forgotten dream

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comment Jessica. I honestly loved my canopy bed. Glad you enjoyed reading about it.

  • profile image

    Jessica 7 years ago

    Loved your article. There's something special about it; I think its warmth and sincerity. My grandma had a four poster canopy bed that was huge and heavy. When she fell sick, my aunts had the posts sawed off for ease of movement. I was very small and used to feel clautrophobic in it. But I do love the look of your canopy bed. It looks amazing.

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comment David. Glad you found my article about canopy beds useful and interesting. Aloha!

  • profile image

    David 8 years ago

    Wow, great article elayne001..

    I enjoyed reading your article. Not only that I learned about canopy beds, I had fun reading your work.

    I am currently living in a country with tropical climate. And yes, I kinda got that thing about hanging sheets overhead. There are swarms of mosquitos here ever nigh. Well, that's what you get for living in paradise, I say.

    Nonetheless, awesome work elayne, hope you have more articles to go.. Thanks for sharing.

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Glad you enjoyed the memories of canopy beds heart4theword. Yeah, you don't see them for kids quite as much as in the good ol' days. Thanks.

  • heart4theword profile image

    heart4theword 8 years ago from hub

    Canopy Beds, I've always thought of as luxurious! They seem like a bed fit for a princess. Beautiful pictures...canopy beds for kids, haven't seen much of them anymore. Nice childhood memories, you have:) Great Hub!

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Glad you enjoyed visiting my hub about canopy beds PWismon. Appreciate your comments.

  • PWismon profile image

    PWismon 8 years ago from New Jersey

    Very interesting hub about canopies, beautiful pictures.

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    'appreciate your comments christalluna1124. Glad you finally got your magical canopy bed.

  • christalluna1124 profile image

    christalluna1124 8 years ago from Dallas Texas

    What beautiful pictures. I always wanted a canopy bed as a little girl but it was beyond my parents means. As an adult i won't be with out one. They are romantic, and so feminine. They also have that certain mystique.

    Warmest regards,


  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thanks Tina V for your comments. Yes, I felt like a princess when I have a canopy bed and pink carpet. It was a pretty room. I appreciate your stopping by.

  • TINA V profile image

    TINA V 8 years ago

    I like the photos that you have posted. The canopy beds look elegant and romantic. It really seems to bring magic in any room. Nice. . .

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thanks prettydarkhorse. Glad that you found my hub about canopy beds interesting. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much).

  • prettydarkhorse profile image

    prettydarkhorse 8 years ago from US

    enjoyable hub about canopy bed, never have a bed like this, good one Elayne Maita

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comments Sage. Hope you'll some day get your canopy bed. Yes, we love it here in Hawaii. I pinch myself every day when I see the beauty that surrounds me. Aloha!

  • Sage Williams profile image

    Sage Williams 8 years ago

    This was a great hub. I have always loved canopy beds, but have never had the opportunity to have one. Great job on this hub.

    P.S. I was just reading your profile and noticed that you lived in beautiful Hawaii. I am so envious. I went to Maui once and didn't want to come back home.


  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    @shanel - so right! Thanks.

    @akirchner - Yes, I wish I had saved mine too for my kids and grandkids - not sure where it ended up.

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 8 years ago from Washington

    Great hub - our daughter had one and I hated to see it go - should have kept it come to think of it for her kids!

  • shanel profile image

    shanel 8 years ago from Seattle

    I agree! There is something just a little magical about a canopy bed. Nice hub!

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Now that is being practical and I do hate bugs too. Canopy beds are great for a variety of reasons. Aloha!

  • Rose West profile image

    Rose West 8 years ago from Michigan

    I love canopy beds! I draped mosquito netting around mine because I'm paranoid about bugs. Thanks for the great hub!

  • elayne001 profile image

    Elayne 8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Just got back from town to see all the great comments. Thank you so much. I have fond memories of my pretty bedroom when I was little and glad that you all enjoyed reading the hub about canopy beds. They are definitely magical. Maybe I'll have another one some day. Aloha!

  • LianaK profile image

    LianaK 8 years ago

    What a wonderful hub. I love the look of canopy beds, especially the last picture you posted above. Simply beautiful. Great hub :) Oh...and I remember of your childhood pets, lol.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

    I've never had a canopy bed but I sure think they are beautiful. Nice hub.

  • myownworld profile image

    myownworld 8 years ago from uk

    Lovely hub...! Brought back many childhood memories! I used to have a canopy bed as a child - my mother had it especially made for me. It was the most magical feeling in the world to sleep in it, as if I was a princess or something. My dream is to have one for my daughter someday! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 8 years ago from London, UK

    It is very beautiful and always look dreamlike Thank you for your hub.

  • VioletSun profile image

    VioletSun 8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

    Oooh, this is so beautiful, never had a canopy bed but for years I wanted one; maybe one of these days, I will finally get one!

    Thanks for an enjoyable hub. :)


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