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The Magic of Hydrogen Peroxide

Updated on September 1, 2012

What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is chemically described as H2O2. This means that a hydrogen peroxide molecule is made up of two hydrogen molecules and two oxygen molecules. Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly reactive oxidizer that is non-toxic, eco-friendly (green), and safe for use by humans. Because of its oxidation potential, it is very effective at destroying bacteria and germs. It is also used in a variety of applications from providing healthier green alternatives to chlorine in waste water treatment, to use in Toothpaste, Commercial cleaning, and even in air purifiers.

Home Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

People have grown increasingly aware of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide as the 'green consciousness' has grown. Because of the high oxygen content and oxidation potential in hydrogen peroxide, there seem to be an endless supply of uses for this stuff. It certainly helps that it is non toxic and green. Here is a basic list:

  • clean sores
  • as a toothpaste
  • as a mouthwash
  • as a stain remover (you can use it alone or as I like to do, mix it with baking soda)
  • for cleaning surfaces
  • as a detergent
  • as a household cleaner

The applications for this stuff are wide ranging which make it an absolutely essential part of any clean green home.

Air Purification Releases Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Into the Air

Hydrogen Peroxide in Air Purifiers

An air purification technology called Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) and in some cases Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) actually uses hydrogen peroxide by releasing a vaporized form of it into the air. It does this through a catalysis process that converts the hydrogen peroxide into hydroxyl radicals. Without getting too deep into the scientific terminology on it, it puts the cleaning and oxidation power of hydrogen peroxide into the air to clean the air pollution. This hydrogen peroxide in the air is able to kill bacteria and germs on surfaces. It is truly an amazing partnership between this non toxic green chemical and the air purification industry that enables people like you and me to live in clean, safer, and greener homes.

Hydrogen Peroxide is Safe When Used Properly

When you buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide at the store, it is not actually a pure concentration. It is diluted because it would be too strong in its purest form for most household uses. It is used in pure form in commercial applications. 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with water is a fairly common dilution level you would find in a bottle you bought at the store. For many household uses, when the instructions call for you to dilute the peroxide with say a 50:50 or 25:75 mixture, this is an additional dilution over what was already done by the manufacturer of the bottle. Hydrogen Peroxide is definitely safe, green, and effective but like anything it needs to be used responsibly and properly. Have fun with it and be safe.


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    • heartwort profile image

      heartwort 5 years ago from Virginia

      Great idea for a hub. Hydrogen peroxide should be a staple in any home. I put a dollop in my water for my indoor plants to increase the oxygen around their roots and discourage fungus. Be aware the most of the h. peroxide in the stores has additives in it. If you want it pure get food grade. It should be perfectly clear.