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The Mattress You Need

Updated on August 11, 2011

Looking for a new mattress?

We have all seen the ads. It seems these days beds are big business. Mattresses and beds are the one thing selling in a struggling economy. I guess that is because it is a sure thing. We all know everyone needs to sleep.

Bed companies are springing up by the thousands. And with reason. They are making money. There is a wide market selling beds of every kind. There are heated water beds, pillow tops, and folding beds. There are beds with remote controls, beds and mattresses that hide in a wall, inner spring comfort beds, beds with memory foam, adjustable beds, air mattresses, body pillows, and total body massaging beds. Some are dust mite and allergy resistant...they claim. They can fold and bend and adjust in every direction.

All these companies claim to have the ultimate high technologically advanced sleeping system. Personally, I do not need a bed that performs for me. Most of us just need to sleep. Right?

I went with a soy bed. It was cost effective, organic, extremely comfortable and costs less than $400 box spring included. Soy mattresses are made in the US and not as poluting as foam. Foam in mattresses is highly flamable and not biodegradable. My bed is. The US requires all mattresses to be treated with fire resistant chemicals. Never buy recycled.

Keep in mind while purchasing any bed that a real rip off can occur. Some mattresses are recycled poorly. Arrests have been made around the country for dealers selling old mattresses cheaply covered with new foam and material. My advice is to stick with a good organic bed company who sells made in America soy bed products.

Recently, I had a salesman try to sell me a massaging, adjustable, memory foam, heated bed and full frame for the low sale price of $10,000. I thought $10,000! That is a luxury trip to Paris. I do not need a bed to perform, for God's sake. I just need a mattress.

So, I found soy beds and a feather pillow the best way to go. Most bed dealers have soy products in their stores. You may want to ask as well about lumbar support. My advice is to do your homework before you talk to a salesman. Once in the store you remain assertive and make sure you are asking the questions.Try to look at this as he is not here to sell rather, I am here to buy. By Joanne Kathleen Farrell, author of Liberty for the Lion Shield


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