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The Nespresso Citiz Machine

Updated on June 17, 2015

The Nespresso Citiz has an advantage over others Nespresso machines, it is thinner. This is the advantage that made me consider buying the Citiz in particular, with a small kitchen and small space for the small appliances, we were not sure if we should buy a machine that the only goal would be to make coffee.

Since we both wanted to have a coffee machine, which could be useful for everyday use and for dinners with friends, we decided to buy one, the choice of the Nespresso Citiz was not easy, but after drinking coffee from some machines, talking with friends and some market research we decided to buy it.

Now that I have the Citiz for at least three years, I am happy with the choice and will share with you my opinion of the machine.

The Black Nespresso Citiz Machine
The Black Nespresso Citiz Machine
Each color has its flavour...
Each color has its flavour... | Source

Nespresso Capsules and similars

In order to have a cup of coffee you have to buy a specially designed capsule that only a few producers make (compared to the main sellers of coffee). This type of capsules, firstly patented by Nespresso, was specially good for the Nespresso Company and worse for the consumer, but the goal of the capsule is to capture an unique flavor with special aromas.

The specificity of these capsules makes them a special product, that can only be used in the Nespresso machines, so the price of a coffee will be higher than other methods. My opinion is that it is worth to pay the higher price if you like the coffee tasting with a different aroma.

The presentation of the Nespresso Capsules.
The presentation of the Nespresso Capsules. | Source

Flavours of the Coffee

If you appreciate coffee in a raw mode, and you like it that way every time, you probably do not need to have a Nespresso, since it will cost higher, and it may not be your favourite type of coffee. Some people are also not very pleased with the Nespresso flavours, because when they put sugar in the coffee, it tastes different.

If you like a coffee that smells like cherry or vanilla or dark chocolate or even spicy, or other flavour, the Nespresso is a must and will give you the chance of tasting a variety of different coffees. They are always investing and finding new flavours to please the consumer, and you might find a great coffee, for me the cherry flavoured coffee was one of my favourites.

Even the more "normal" coffee has different flavour and intensity, so you can find the perfect Espresso for you.

If you are tired of always having the same type of coffee, the Nespresso is great, you can always drink a different type of coffee in the same machine.

In a Nespresso shop you can find a great variety of flavors, with each color for a different flavor and intensity
In a Nespresso shop you can find a great variety of flavors, with each color for a different flavor and intensity | Source

Descaling a Nespresso Citiz


The simple way to clean the outside of the machine is just by passing a cloth by it, and it will look clean and beautiful. It won't shine as when you bought it but it does not require much effort to look good.

In order to clean the small pipes that are used by the water there is a simple solution, you can do it by pressing the button to take a coffee but without the capsule, this will make the water pass and clean the pipes, ending in a cup that you have to put there to keep the water from falling. Pressing the button six times is probably enough for a good cleaning and removing dirtiness caused by the used of coffee capsules.

There is also a Nespresso option to clean the machine, after some using and buying their capsules, they can offer you a "Cleaning Kit".


Weighting only 3.4 Kg / 7.5 lb it can be quite easy to transport inside the original box. Since the original box is made so you can reuse it.

It can be heavier if you forget water in the container.

Dimensions - Why the Citiz and not other Nespresso Machine


  • 27.7 cm
  • 10.91 Inc


  • 13 cm
  • 5.12 inch


  • 37.2 cm
  • 14.65 inch

If you have a small space with a height of 38cm/15inch you have to be careful, because in order to put the capsule inside the machine you have to open the small compartment, so you will probably need a height of at least 42 cm to have it recessed.

Comparison between Nespresso Citiz and Pixie


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    • saitam profile image

      saitam 5 years ago from Lisbon

      Thank you Sherry,

      For people like you who prefer plain coffee, I agree, buying a Nespresso would probably be a waste of money.

    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 5 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      That's an interesting review. I was not familiar with this type of machine. It's nice to know that you have had the machine for a few years, and you still like it. It's probably not for me, since I prefer plain coffee, but it's a good review.