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The Nitty Gritty of Carpet Cleaning: DIY or Hire a PRO

Updated on May 8, 2015

How Important is Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

A carpet is not only a piece of decoration but also meant to protect our feet and floors. The advantages provided by a carpet over other types of flooring are manifold for example sound reduction, warmth retention, reduction in slippage etc. But carpets require regular cleaning. A dirty carpet is dangerous for the health of the people living with it. The dirt accumulated on the surface of the carpet damages the soft fibers of the carpet. So the carpets which are cleaned regularly have a longer life than those which are not cleaned on a regular basis.

One question which arises in everybody mind is how to keep the carpet neat and clean. Carpets need a high quality cleaning. Majority of people use vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpet. Vacuum cleaners are unable to remove oils and sticky soil from it. A carpet which appears clean to us contains a large amount of dust and microbes in it. For cleaning the carpet you always have to make a choice. “Professional Hiring” or “Do-It-Yourself”.

Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Basically there are four methods used for cleaning a carpet.

* Carpet Shampooing
* Dry Chemical or Foam
* Bonnet or Adsorbent Pad
* Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning. (The basic Cleaning Method)

Why You Should Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Only?

DO-IT-YOURSELF methods are good for temporary periods. But they have some problems. You have to buy or rent the home cleaning equipment. The wrong proportion of detergents or cleaning solution may create so much foam makes suction process much worse which lead to damage your carpet fibers. The chemicals used in carpet cleaning solutions may also have some side effects for which proper knowledge is required. Hiring a professional for cleaning carpet is always a wise decision. Carpet cleaning by professionals provides many other advantages too. Professionals with latest equipments such as more powerful vacuum cleaners, truck-mounted equipment, super dryers have the edge in many ways.

If you're living in a rented home, you'll want to read your lease agreement. Some leases don't allow for non-professional cleaning when moving out.

Steam Cleaning Equipment Professionals Using These Days

Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Power
Steam Cleaning with Truck Mounted Power | Source

Pro Carpet Cleaner


1. Save Time & Energy

Cleaning a carpet on your own need lots of efforts. Moving the furniture, applying pre-treatment solution to your carpet, carrying and cleaning the equipment when you are done. Instead when you call a professional he saves your time and energy which you can use for other important tasks.

2. Health Benefits

Many types of allergens such as dust, dirt, dust mites, get accumulated in carpets. It is very essential to remove these allergens for the health of our family. Carpet cleaning by a vacuum cleaner cannot remove these allergens from the carpet. The professional carpet cleaners make use of disinfectants to remove these allergens.

3. Better Knowledge to Protect Carpets from Damage

Professionals carry all the required knowledge for . They have the latest technology and equipment for carpet cleaning (more powerful vacuum systems to rinse more deeply). As they carried out cleaning jobs more frequently, they aren’t likely to make mistakes such as neglecting to rinse away all residues.

Before/After Carpets Cleaned By Professionals


Things to keep in mind before hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

When you finally decide for hiring a professional for cleaning your carpet, you must keep a few things in your mind:

  • The carpet cleaner you are hiring is professionally qualified & experienced.
  • Compare the charges quoted by the cleaner with other carpet cleaning companies in the market.
  • Guarantees offered by the cleaner
  • Method used by him for cleaning the carpet is appropriate for your carpet.

What You Recommend?

What carpet cleaning method you recommend that lasts the longest?

See results

What you should do before pro carpet cleaner arrives?

1. Clear Your Carpeted Area
2. Do Your Own Inspection of Carpets
3. Relocate your pets until carpets dry
4. Clear Your Driveways for Cleaner Equipment
5. Find Your Spigots to get the water for cleaning
6. Plan Your family about stay off from moist carpets

Questions to ask when hiring a professional carpet cleaner


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