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The Perfect Cleaning Product

Updated on October 29, 2012

Ever wanted a cleaning product for multi-use that is cheap but effective? Well is this idea may sound crazy but trust me it works. Make up wipes use oil's that are designed to cut through facial grease and oils, so why not try them in your kitchen.

I first found make up wipes to be effective in the kitchen when cleaning the deep fat fryer, I accidentally spilt the cooking oil on the side and the first thing I had to hand was a packet of makeup wipe that I had forgotten to take to the bathroom, I whipped one out and was astonished at how it cut through the cooking oil leaving the side clean and shiny. After I had finished I wondered what else they would be good with, so I cleaned that glass door on the cooker and all the chrome fixtures and fittings in the kitchen, I had never seen the kitchen sparkle so much, It felt like I had just stepped into a showroom.

After two hours of crazy cleaning I had cleaned the whole house with makeup wipes due to fascination, I cleaned mirrors, class cabinets, door handles, window sill’s, picture frames (including the glass) and then my partner came is asking for something to clean the dash down in is car, at this point my mind whirled at the possibilities, So I grabbed the pack and went to the car, between us both we managed to remove all dirt and grime of the dashboard and oils off of the wheel rims and by the time we had done the car looked brand new.

After find that makeup wipes could clean practically anything I told a few family members about it and now instead of going and buying different cleaning products, we all use make up wipes and sometime combine a little disinfectant it needed, my mum was so impressed she went out and stocked up on makeup wipes.

Any brand will do a good job but if you’re looking to save money then Tesco make up wipes are brilliant at around 45p per pack and holding 25 separate wipes. The cost effective and perfect for house hold cleaning, even if you have children with white trainers full of grass stains and dirt, they will make them look brand new.

Go on and try it if you don’t believe me, see how much you could make house cleaning easier.


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    • Zabbella profile image

      Zabbella 5 years ago from NJ-USA

      I loved it!!! Great, informative hub. I was smiling because you got into a cleaning frenzy...I think I would've done the same thing, with that new discovery. Thank you for the cleaning tip! vote up

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      As they say, "who'd a thought?" Sounds like a great discovery to me. I love the way you wound up cleaning everything to prove your point ;)

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.

    • angel4967 profile image

      Cindy Pierre 5 years ago from Nevada

      Voted up and shared on Facebook. Who knew?

    • lou2212 profile image

      L. Caulton (Author L.L.CAULTON) 5 years ago from barnsley, UK

      Thet are brilliant especially for any type of grease and dirt.

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I loooove useful cleaning tips but who would have ever guessed make up wipes!

      Thanks for this useful tip!