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The Perfect DecorativePillows

Updated on September 21, 2014

Whether you toss, throw or pile them up, decorative pillows have proven be an instant style update that anyone can have. Modern pillow covers and pillows make it easy for you to sit back and relax while also adding a touch of color to your space.

There is a huge choice of pillow covers available to you. The collections range from silk pillows, retro pillows, quilted pillows, daybed bolsters, geometric shapes, pillows in shimmery colors and more. Apart from colors, fabrics and textures you also have a choice of pillows with themes that can be incorporated into your home.

Use Designs And Textures To Create Harmony

The solid-color and patterned pillows will look chic on any modern sofa and you can even coordinate it with the sheet sets and duvet covers. Limited color palettes and geometric prints on tightly woven, smooth fabrics like linen and cotton will work perfectly well in a modern environment.

If you wish to have lots of colors you can use a piece of artwork in the room as the base palette too. This way, you keep the primary hue of the base colors while adding interest to different saturation creating a dynamic yet subtle look. Get them in pairs or odd numbers to add that extra edge to your space.

Pillows With Christmas Motifs

These are especially nice for the Holiday season. Throw a few around and you instantly add an element of festivity to the decor. Pick pillows with a particular theme such as Christmas trees or Santa prints. Go by color and pick blue, red, green or gold pillows to complement the rest of the decor. These pillows do not cost a fortune and are the ultimate in making a style statement.

Pillows Are Functional While Being Ornamental

Creating the most functional, beautiful and well-designed interiors has a lot to do with styling and envisioning what you furnish your spaces with. Pillows not only give your head and back a place to rest but also add a touch of softness to a room.

With the subtle style of delicate embroidery, fine stitches and array of colors you can be rest assured that the decorative pillows will soon become an insignia for your home.

Give Your Bedroom A Makeover

So if you are craving a change or makeover in your living room or bedroom, buy decorative pillows and give your space an elegant and practical touch. With the different shapes and sizes, you are sure to find something that will help you express yourself. You can let go of all your decorative worries and literally, rest your head.

Pillows With Fairy Tale And Cartoon Motifs

Bring your child's room alive with an assortment of pillows in fairy characters or their favorite super hero. Your kids will love the effect that these small pieces of furnishing create. Your kid's room will be vibrant and cheerful.

Use pillows to give your home a makeover. Choose pillows in colors that complement the decor of your home. A blue or gray couch will look striking if you throw pillows in shades of aquamarine. A tan couch on the other hand will become lively with pillows in burnished red, deep orange, canary yellow or new leaf green.

Play around with colors to create a magical effect.


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