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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Sofa Bed Mattress Used

Updated on March 20, 2011

A sofa bed mattress is much like any other type of mattress except made to fold into the sofa itself and allows the sofa to act as a couch or a bed depending on the need. This requires that they are built with a more slim design than a traditional mattress and typically has no springs or no frame at all. A standard bed mattress can cost anywhere from a few hundred to well over a couple thousand dollars but if you were to purchase the best sofa bed mattress you could find, it would probably only cost you around 400 to 600 dollars at maximum.

However, some still want to save more money and I wouldn’t blame them for all the hot deals that are out there today and the many different ways to find them. Buying anything used is, of course, taking risks and those risks have to be weighed when considering the amount of money you are spending and the amount of grief it could potentially give down the road. Prices vary with sofa mattresses and expect to pay anywhere from 50 to 200 bucks. If someone wants more than two hundred for a mattress, you best make sure you are only buying a mattress! There are many pros and cons when dealing with these, so keep reading if you wish to be enlightened.

A used sofa bed mattress can last just as long, if not longer, than one which is brand new.  All it takes is first to find a good deal, make sure it is a solid mattress and take care of it.  Even a brand new mattress can be destroyed in a few months if not taken care of properly.  On the other hand, an old mattress can bring surprises to your home if you are not careful with selecting the right mattress.  Bed bugs, critters of the unknown and who knows what else could be lurking in one of these.  To avoid this, however, I would just stay from those mattresses lying on the side of the street and sticking to those either found in store that sells used items or from a friend or relative.

Sometimes it can be quite a challenge trying to find a sofa bed mattress replacement that fits your sofa just right.  There are universal sizes but design and material don’t always necessarily match one another.  It will of course be easier to just contact the manufacturer of your particular sofa and find out how to order a new one or simply check some of the more popular mattress websites.  They usually have a wide range to choose from that will fit almost any style and design.

A mattress is usually only half of what a typical sofa bed owner has; a sofa bed mattress topper is a pad of some sort that sits on top of the mattress. It provides two benefits: more comfort, and makes cleaning easier because toppers are much easier to wash than a mattress.  If you buy a brand new topper but a used mattress at a cheap price, than you have really made a great deal because you will barely ever have to take care of that mattress and focus on keeping the topper clean instead.

Many today have back problems and require some of the utmost quality in regards to comfort.  These types typically refer to a type of memory foam sofa bed mattress and are usually very expensive.  If you happen to find one of these used, you have to be careful that it is not fake and it is not completely ruined.  The latter should be easy to determine if you inspect it well and lay on it for a few minutes.  Finding a legitimate mattress of this stature at a reasonable price is well worth it.  Just keep in mind that you may not get any warrantee from purchasing one this way.

Overall finding a used bed mattress should provide more benefit than regret in most cases.  Especially when you need something larger like a queen sofa bed mattress and could easily cost over 500 dollars at retail price.  There are many ways to find great deals out there; like around your community and at hundreds of online stores that sell both as new and used.


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