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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Leather Office Chair

Updated on May 16, 2015

When we hear the term ‘office chair’, most of us automatically think of a high executive chair made of leather - one that is almost always black in color! We just cannot help it! It seems that after decades of conditioning, we have reached a point where our minds automatically associate office chairs with leather.

And to be honest, that is not altogether a bad thing. After all, leather office chairs really do have many good things to offer.

Yet, no matter how great leather chairs are, they are not perfect. They have a number of downsides, along with upsides.

Keeping that in mind, in this article, we not only focus on the advantages of using a desk chair made of leather, but also the disadvantages.

The Pros

So, why get a chair that has leather upholstery? Well, because of the following reasons:

1. Leather is associated with prestige

The presence of an office chair made of leather in your workspace gives you a sense of prestige that no other chair type can give you. Maybe that is because CEOs almost always seem to be sitting on shiny leather chairs during TV interviews. Or maybe, that is because Hollywood movies show nothing but leather furniture in office scenes.

2. Chairs with leather finish look fabulous

These days, thousands of fancy chairs are available in the market. And not every single chair among them is made of leather. Still, there is a certain aura about leather that just cannot be exuded by any other material. Leather is simply stylish!

3. Office chairs made of leather are usually durable

Desk chairs made of leather have the ability to last for many years without developing a single flaw. And that is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer leather upholstery to other types so much when it comes to purchasing an expensive chair.

4. Chairs having leather upholstery come in countless varieties

Since the number of chair buyers who want leather upholstery far exceeds the number of buyers who prefer other kinds of upholstery, manufacturers manufacture leather chairs passionately in huge quantities. As a result, it is possible to get these chairs in nearly every style, color, and finish.

5. Leather upholstery is quite easy to maintain

Every six months or so, a chair made of leather may require special cleaning treatment, but for the most part, just wiping it with a cloth is enough to maintain it.

To summarize, a leather office chair is good for you, because:
It gives you a sense of pride
It looks eye-catching
It lasts a long time
It suits your design expectations
It enables easy cleaning

The Cons

Now that we have covered the advantages, let us take a look at the disadvantages:

1. Contact with leather is uncomfortable in hot conditions

Using leather upholstery is a torture in places where air conditioners do not exist. That is because leather can make a person sitting on it all hot and sweaty pretty easily.

2. Leather can damage clothing items over time

Leather has a way of transferring some of its mild shine to clothes. And so, sitting on leather months after months may lead to ruining of expensive suits and dresses.

3. Good quality leather chairs are expensive

Even though the market is filled with cheap leather desk chairs, low cost and high quality almost never go together when the product in consideration is leather office chair. The rule is simple - if you want a chair made of leather that has great finish, you must be willing to spend top dollars!

4. Leather surface can be annoyingly slippery

Even very comfortable leather office chairs are not good fit for those who sit on chairs in order to type or do some other sort of work that requires hunched over posture. The reason is that leather surface can make a person slip, making it difficult for the person to stay sitting at one spot.

To summarize, a leather office chair is bad for you, because:
It can make you hot and sweaty
It can damage your expensive clothes
It can rip you off financially
It can be slippery

Leather is simply irresistible on many levels. But going for leather just because of that is not a smart idea. Before putting your money down, it is important to consider the disadvantages of owning a chair made of leather, along with the advantages.

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