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The Quickest Way To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Updated on February 8, 2016

Bed Bugs are a discussion that no one really wants to have. People who have never dealt with this pest problem do not understand how bed bugs really surface. Most people think that bed bugs are associated with filthy people living in filthy conditions but that is far from the case. People who have stayed in the most luxurious hotels and fanciest condos have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs are the most horrifying pests to invade your home. One bed bug has the capacity to lay 500 eggs in its lifetime which is usually a span of 1- 1/2 years. This is why it is so important to catch them when you see them or they will multiply rapidly and cause you great distress. The quickest way to get rid of bed bugs is identify the problem and take action. If you find that you wake up with bites on your body and there is no other explanation for it, check you bed thoroughly for bugs. Bed bugs hide during the day so you have a greater chance of finding them in the middle of the night after you have gotten into bed. Bed bugs sense your oxygen and then appear so they can feast on your blood.

One of the best ways to eliminate bed bugs is to get them at the source. Bed Bugs like to hide in cracks and crevices and seams of your bed. If you remove all the sheets from your mattress and boxspring, you might find bedbugs hiding along the seams of the mattress, in the corners and in between the mattress and boxspring. They also like to hide around the baseboards, headboards and bed rails and anywhere close to where you sleep. The first thing you must do if you see them is vacuum the room thoroughly including the whole bed. Make sure you throw away the dust and debris collected in the vacuum right away. Call your landlord, property manager or exterminator in the meantime so that pest control arrangements can be made.

I am sure if you are going through a bed bug infestation, you have already suffered enough agony and distress, dealing with sleepless nights, bed bug bites, and financial strain in order to deal with the problem. There are a few ways you can handle this to eliminate these bed bugs quickly. Start by getting some mattress and pillow encasements.This will seal up the hiding places of the bed bugs and they will eventually die from starvation and suffocation. Use Diatomaceous Earth around your bed and in cracks and crevices, this natural dust has razor sharp particles that lacerate the bugs which will result in thier death. Diatomaceous Earth has been proven to be quite effective in combating the battle with bed bugs.


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