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The Tushee Outdoor Chair Covers

Updated on May 11, 2011
Tushee Outdoor Chair Covers
Tushee Outdoor Chair Covers

The Tushee Towel Outdoor Chair Covers

The Tushee is an outdoor chair cover but has got to be the greatest name for an As Seen On TV product ever! When my contacts in the As Seen On TV world told me this was coming out I literally had no idea what this silly product could be. All I know is I loved the name.

To tell you the truth I was pretty disappointed when I found out the the tushee, was an outdoor chair cover. But, like the Snuggie the the tushee towel could be a huge hit simply because of the silly factor.

The product itself is actually pretty useful and we've all been in the position where we could use one of these things. The idea is that it's a protective cover for just about any seat or any situation you may find yourself in. The tushee will protect you, supposedly, from heat, cold, dust and dirt by providing an extremely comfortable buffer between you and the surface you're sitting on. So in actuality this outdoor chair cover can be an airplane chair cover, a movie theater chair cover or just about any chair cover.

But, before we take a look the product let's watch the hilarious tushee commercial. I really got a kick out of it the first time I saw it and I'm sure you will too.

The Tushee Outdoor Chair Cover Commercial

So now you've seen the infamous tushee commercial. I can never get past the first line where the announcer says "Pull Out The Tushee" in that serious voice. I mean this thing is classic As Seen On TV in every way possible. The commercial is campy, stupid and even rhymes, but somehow compels the viewer to actually consider the product.

Now I couldn't be a self proclaimed As Seen On TV enthusiast without testing it out so I had to buy the tushee towel. I just loved telling people I bought a tushee. And, everyone wanted to know what it was. So I think regardless of the quality or usefulness of the tushee as an outdoor chair cover, the name alone will sell the heck out of these things.

The Tushee Reviews

First of all I was rather surprised with how quickly the the thing came. Probably about a week ahead of schedule and I did not elect to get any options or double my order or any of that. It was the straight order with shipping and handling. Nothing fancy but I did get hit with the shipping and handling for my free tiny tushee but I expected that.

Now I have to say that when I ordered this I didn't expect to find much use for it other than telling people I got a new tushee, but it's actually a very good outdoor chair coverl. I ordered the lounge chair size which seems to be nearly 8ft long. At first I didn't get the folding and pressing nonsense but I got the hang of it after awhile. I now manage to get it to stay in place fairly well now.

In hindsight I probably would have been better off with the original size instead of the lounger but it's pretty easy to manage. The reason I think I should have gone smaller is only due to the way I use it.

I love to sit outside in my backyard and use my laptop, but my plastic chairs are always disgusting. No matter how often I clean them, they get covered with dirt, pollen and bird droppings. Using this outdoor chair cover while I sit outdoors has solved a huge problem for me that I didn't even realize I was having. Cleaning those chairs just seemed to be par for the coarse, but now I will just use outdoor chair covers.

Most of the time I'm just using the tushee to avoid the dirt and dust but If the chair is damp or plain gross, the tushee does the trick and I put it in the wash with my other towels. So for me and they way I think I'll use it most, my tushee review is a good one. It doesn't mean that you can't find other outdoor chair covers to lay over your furniture, but the tushee does deliver on its promise to stay in place and form fit to your furniture.

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The Tushee Outdoor Chair CoversThe Tushee Tote BagToushee Lounge Chair CoversStadium Seat CoversGet A Tushee Outdoor Chair Cover
The Tushee Outdoor Chair Covers
The Tushee Outdoor Chair Covers
The Tushee Tote Bag
The Tushee Tote Bag
Toushee Lounge Chair Covers
Toushee Lounge Chair Covers
Stadium Seat Covers
Stadium Seat Covers
Get A Tushee Outdoor Chair Cover
Get A Tushee Outdoor Chair Cover

Custom Tushee

Yes, I said it. A custom tushee so go ahead with the jokes. When I first saw that you could customize your tushee seat covers I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world. What's the point?

It costs and extra $8.95 and who would even care. But then I thought about it. If you're gonna use this thing out at a stadium, why not slap the name of your team on it? That would be pretty cool. But for now let's hope you like a red, blue or tan team. There are lots of colors available for your stitching but If I were gonna make one for my team I'd prefer the entire thing to be in my team's colors.

Now, if your gonna give one as a gag gift I suppose it would be pretty funny to put something like "Larry's Tushee" on it. People would get a kick out of it and of course it would be a conversation piece.

So even though a custom tushee is not for me, it might be something to consider. There really are a ton of uses for the tushee other than outdoor chair covers and if you look at the site you may be surprised how a tushee may fit into your lifestyle but for me it's strictly gonna be something I use out back in my own home. You won't catch my tushee on a plane anytime soon!

Buy Tushee Towel Outdoor Chair Covers

Now I don't believe you can find a tushee in stores yet. Well, at least one that isn't attached to a human being, but don't be surprised when these things catch on and they're everywhere. If you want to buy a tushee now, your best bet is online and here is the standard deal I've seen advertised.

  • Order the Original Tushee Outdoor Chair Cover for just $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H, and receive a FREE Tiny Tushee - great for airplane, theater, patio chairs, fishing sports and more.
  • Get the 27 x 96 inch Pool Lounger Tushee for just $19.95 plus $7.95 P&H (fits all standard pool loungers) and get a FREE Tiny Tushee.
  • For a limited time, you can take advantage of a Combo Offer of two Tushees (Original or Pool Lounger size), and receive both a FREE Tiny Tushee and a FREE limited edition Tushee Tote.


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