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The Beauty of a New England Garden - a Place for Meditation & Reflection

Updated on November 7, 2020

Enjoy the Great Outdoors


I'll speak for myself (and other New Englanders) in saying that we really enjoy our summers.

We suffer through months and months of cold and snow in the winter, so hurray for warm weather!

The vegetation in New England is extraordinary, flowers and greenery abound.

Imagine yourself sitting by this fountain, listening to the sound of the water.

Find Quiet Spaces


Even public spaces can become private if you go off hours or find a quiet space to sit and meditate.

Nature is a great tranquilizer if you will only let it happen.

The sound of water (the ocean or a waterfall) can calm your mind during a hectic day.

Imagine yourself sitting by this waterfall, using all your senses.

Koi Fish

Outdoor Ponds

Japanese koi fish are interesting to watch as they swim and surface for air.

The simple act of breathing is a reminder for us all to take fresh air into our lungs.

Yes, even in New England you'll find gardens with koi fish.

In the winter they may bring them indoors to keep them away from the brutal cold.

Imagine yourself standing on the bridge, watching the fish swim to and fro.

Flowers and Butterflies

Sedum Plant

The sedum plant is a butterfly magnet as it attracts these Painted Lady butterflies.

(Please correct me if you think I have mistaken this Lepidoptera for another).

If you love nature as much as I do, be sure to plant as many flowers that attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. You'll enjoy watching them as much as they'll enjoy feeding on your garden.


Smell the Flowers

The saying, "Take the time and smell the roses" still holds true today.

The sense of smell brings back memories (hopefully fond) and takes you away from your worries and present day problems.

Working in the soil brings you in contact with insects. Planting a garden is medicine for the soul.

So, New Englanders, it's summer, step outside and enjoy the Great Outdoors!

I enjoy visiting this privately owned New England Garden every summer. It is so relaxing. I hope you too can find a peaceful space, no matter if you live in the city or country.

All photos were taken by the author Camille Gizzarelli.

Summertime in New England

As a New Englander, born and raised, I do love the four seasons. I especially love spring when the flowers bloom and the birds are singing, and fall when the leaves turn amazing colors.

I hope you will take time for yourself, no matter where you live, and breathe in the beauty of nature by meditating in your own way and reflecting on life (or seeing your reflection in a pool of water).

Private Space

Do you have a quiet, private space where you can escape and meditate?

See results

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