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The Wildflower Garden

Updated on December 15, 2009


A wildflower garden can be one of the most rewarding and simplest gardens to establish. My gardens have always included wildflowers; usually native plants that help to attract, butterflies and bees among other friendly beings to my yard. The garden friends or beneficials the wildflowers attract help with pollination and pest control and are worth much more than it takes to plant the plants.

It can be so easy to include wildflowers in yoru garden or yard that there are times when you actually do not have to do anything but leave them alone.

I have a variety of aster that comes up early in my lawn; I have tried several times with no success to transplant them to the garden bed. Now I select the biggest patch and just leave it where it is, actually mowing around it. The little purple flowers provide early colour and after the flowers fade, I include the patch they were they grew in my overall garden mowing.

Common daisies bloom freely along the edges of my yard and elsewhere aroudntown, as do the asters. They brighten up the railway tarcks and abandodned lots and I view them as wild gardens that could benefit from a bit of human care but are doing okay on their own.

I do need to remove some of the asters and daisies or they will spread far and wide; but a mowing usually takes care of that.

The daisies growing in the picture are along the fence which runs around three sides of the backyard and I intentionally leave a small, about eight inches across wildlife corridor along the fence. This is a free zone where nature is nature.

In the garden beds, both vegetable and cut flower, I add Queen Anne’s lace, asters and columbine all native or well established plants.

The Queen Anne’s Lace or Daucus carotais is one tough plant it grows wild and free and needs little human care to thrive.

Queen Anne’s lace family members include our breathe-freshening friend, parsley. Some other useful herbs from the overseas branch of the family are dill, chervil, celery, parsnips, caraway, and coriander.

I find it does well in the herb garden but needs some attention as it is a survivor and will take over if you let it grow uncontrolled. Be sure to deadhead it and remember to leave some seed for the birds and it will not take over.

If you are planning a wildflower garden take a walk or three around town; look closely ate what is growing in the wild, abandoned places, take some photos, identify the plants and consider them or a relative for your own garden.

The Wild Bunch

growing wild along fence, Bob Ewing photo
growing wild along fence, Bob Ewing photo
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