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The Wonderful World of Orchids

Updated on March 15, 2013

Flower or Plant?

Well an orchid is not necessarily a flower or a plant but a flowering plant. A sturdy plant that produces beautiful flowers. Orchids are a symbol of love, beauty,elegance,luxury,and fertility in some cultures. I've always been drawn to them, so I'm starting to begin my journey as a beginning grower. There are over seven hundred genera of orchids. That's enough to cause a lot of confusion,but I noticed a few beautiful ones that I picked up in my local grocery store. They most resemble the flower to the right, I plan to collect more as I learn more about them. Just having them around lights up any room and it's a great energy to have in your home.

Darling Nikki


How often to water

According to most orchids enthusiasts it's best to water the orchids,the way they would be watered in there natural environment. Giving them a few days for the soil to dry and then watering keeping it most. So it's not necessary to water everyday, I water my plants every five days and that seems to be working for them. I also crush a vitamin up and put that in the water for extra nutrients. I noticed that there are more buds sprouting, and soon I will need to re pot, because of the growth. I also talk to my plants, because they are living things and need that extra attention as well. Just little things like "Hello my pretty friend" , or "Hello darling Nikki" Yes one is named Darling Nikki. I mean you don't have to have a full conversation with the plant but a nice affirmation won't hurt.


How much sunlight

You want to give them as much indirect sunlight as possible. Most orchids come from warm regions where the sun is usually shining. However, some are grown under canopies so they have the sun but directly on the plant. These places include; Hawaii,Asia. Australia Philippines, just to name a few. Try to place your orchids in windows where they can obtain as much sunlight during the day. If you notice that the window is too drafty at night, remove the plant and place it back in the morning. if your home does not yield enough natural light, you can also try using artificial light, just make sure the light has low intensity and it's not constantly on.



Re potting is necessary when your plant is getting too small for it's current pot. You want to make sure the roots have more room to grow and that the plant isn't cramped in a small environment. Also,be mindful when you re pot your not using any kind of soil. You should use orchid soil, since it has all the nutrients it needs for your orchids. Choose a nice pot that will compliment your decor. Be careful when your handling the soil,and clip any dead roots you may notice. Carefully place your plant in the new pot an surround it with soil. Make sure you don't pack it too tightly,so the roots have room to grow. You may need to water so that the new soil is moist.


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