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The World's Most Expensive Real Estate Exposed By This Website: to start with Vancouver Canada

Updated on January 3, 2015

Real estate investment firm REMAX launches its plan to seek and reveal the world's most expensive real estate at the official website, and their first target is the city of Vancouver in British Columbia. The purpose of the plan is to market these most expensive properties and bring them to interested investors who are looking for premium real estate to put their money in for growth or to live in.

Why Vancouver? REMAX's decision to begin with Vancouver was explained by the firm's realtor Richard Morrison as a desire to “promote North America first, starting with the luxurious city of Vancouver BC, as it leads the country in new foreign millionaires.”

Vancouver has lately seen an influx of wealthy new immigrants and more waiting in the immigration line – which was estimated to be a queue of 52,000 in February, 2014 – a large majority of whom are from Mainland China. West Vancouver is home to some of the most expensive properties in the city. The real estate website of Morrison's team describes some of the most premium properties in the area that offer a serene lifestyle with exclusive views of the city's skyscrapers in the distance and the English Bay where freighters waiting to sail to Asia are anchored.

One of the highest priced pieces of real estate exposed on the site is 5240 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, which is valued at a whopping $25 million. The property overlooks the waterfront on the coastline with 1.57 acres of fertile land and a Tudor home, a nanny suite, private beach access, a heated pool that overlooks the ocean, rolling lawns and a beach house.

Next on the list is the $21,800,000 Belmont Avenue home, number 4868. This detached property on the prestigious Point Grey comes not just with ocean views, but a Hawaiian style home that offers a glimpse of the mountains and the city as well. Landscaped lawns, maple and palm trees and beaches and golf courses nearby compliment the luxurious interiors.

Also in West Vancouver is the concrete and stone home at 2924 Rosebery Avenue in the exclusive Altamont neighborhood. With a 1 acre south-facing lot, nearly 15,000 square feet of living space across 3 stories, dramatic and practical interiors, a wine cellar and other luxury facilities bring up the property value significantly. also lists 4730 W 2ND Avenue ($19,880,000) in Point Grey and 3000 1139 W Cordova Street ($18,680,000) in Coal Harbor. The first is a 2005 concrete mansion designed and decorated by Stuart Howard (the architect of Metropolis) and decorator Robert Ledingham, fitted with gourmet kitchen, sauna, wine cellar and other luxury amenities. The second is a high-ceiling penthouse with 360 degree views of oceans, cityscape and mountains.

According to Richard Morrison, “foreign buyers from all across the world, from Saudi Arabia, Australia, Asia and even local Vancouverites are some of our primary clients investing in the Vancouver luxury real estate market.”

Chinese investors looking for prime real estate in the city have been driving Vancouver home prices to record highs. One of the reasons for this interest in the city's real estate is believed to be the Beijing anti-graft crackdowns since 2012. Vancouver today is today North America's most expensive urban market.


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