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The best meal I have ever eaten..

Updated on December 8, 2010

When it Comes to food I don't play.

And let me start off by saying that i have enjoyed my fair share of resturaunts, from expensive to unique. Living in Los Angeles gives the taste buds an infinite playground to explore and adore. I prefer seafood, but I am open to just plain tasty. I rate my experiences on everything from ambiance to staff, but I recall my favorite meal not by the plate or the service, but by the person sitting across the table from me. My wife.

The resturaunt was french and far away. I could plug this resturaunt but that would defeat the purpose. Let's just say if you are lost in Malibu, its a nice place to recharge. I can remember the excitement as my wife (who had no clue where we were going) began to wonder, "why are we winding up these mountainous roads???" I had been told that anticipation is the best foreplay, but i learned it that day. When we arrived at our destination, the valet was charming and personal. As we entered, we were greeted by the hostess who knew who we were (by our reservation), and this pleased my wife. Our waiter recieved us and we proceeded up what felt like three flights of stairs. As we ascended on the top floor, the hike was totally worth the trip. We were eye level with the Santa Monica Mountains. At Dusk. The candles were already lit and the music was pleasant and cerebral. I was instantly caught in the moment, constantly locking eyes with my wife and giggling at nothing in general. We both were initially unnerved by the palpable romance.

Dinner was served and was delicious, no doubt, but the conversation lasted longer than any entree and that bothered neither of us. We were on a date, a meal shared by casual thought and care-free relaxation. We are parents, but for 3 hours we had no children. We are married, but for a short time, we were in the height of courtship. At last we finished the flutes of champagne and graciously exited our sanctuary of good companionship. The best meal i have ever enjoyed was to no credit the food's. In emotionally low times, I mentally travel back down Pacific coast Highway, to a small cottage, set on a horse ranch. I remember this evening, and I smile. While wiping a tear of joy, I think of the happiness shared by two people who are bound by more than just a last name. I think of the best meal I have ever had.


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