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The perfect Garden Style for Florida

Updated on January 23, 2015

When we think of Florida and its scenery, the first think that comes to mind are tall Palm trees, Tropical Plants, and colorful flowers. When we think about states up-north we think of Woodland gardens with lots of pines and greenery covered in snow in the winter. The truth is that you can have almost any type of Garden wherever you live as long as you use plants grown for your region and apply all other elements that create that particular garden style.

Certainly there are Garden Styles that better suit a distinct region and a specific style of house or architecture. In Florida, we have many choices of garden styles to choose from, but to me the perfect garden style for Florida is the Tropical Garden.

The Tropical Style Garden is perfect for Florida because of our high humidity weather, mild winters, and the large selection of Tropical plants available. These types of plants do very well in our region, specially the more hardy tropical-looking plants, which can stand low temperatures and are also very low maintenance.

What is a Tropical Landscape?

This garden style conveys topography found in the Tropics, a region on the earth that surrounds the Equator, also called the Tropical Zone. The Tropics have a very different climate compared to other latitudes of our planet. They have warm and hot weather, and are humid all year-round. They produce a lush dense green jungle like vegetation, which is represented in the Tropical Style Landscape.

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise | Source

To plant a Tropical Garden in your Florida home you don’t need to stretch your imagination, you probably already have the perfect base plant already growing in your yard, the Palm tree. There are many varieties of Palm trees to choose from, some of these are Queen Palms, Sago Palms, Fan Palm Trees, Palmetto, and many more. When choosing a palm tree for your tropical garden you must consider their height at maturity, and their spread.

In addition to Palm trees, consider using other interesting tropical specimens to add that tropical appeal you are trying to achieve. Birds of Paradise, Canna Lilly, Hostas, Ginger, Ferns, Ti Plant, Fatsia, are all great specimens to bring a touch of the Tropics to your garden. For punches of color that are always present in Tropical gardens make use of Hibiscus, Ixoras, Bromeliads, Orchids, Lobster Claw, Plumeria, Emperor’s Candlestick, Iris, Angels’ Trumpets, and many more.

Hawaiian Ti Plant, also called Red Sister
Hawaiian Ti Plant, also called Red Sister | Source

The key to achieve a Tropical flair in your garden is to plant in masses. Use plants with interesting foliage in various shades of greens, such as the ones I already mentioned, including Red and Green Caladiums and variegated Hostas. Have fun in making your tropical resort-style garden. Stepping into your garden will be like traveling to an exotic tropical island.

Banana Plant next to Palm Tree, and Red Hibiscus
Banana Plant next to Palm Tree, and Red Hibiscus | Source


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