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Things To Do Around The House Before Winter Sets In

Updated on November 19, 2008

Easy Things To Do

We all know that we should take care of our homes if we want them to be around for years and years. Giving your house a little attention when it is needed helps to ensure your stay. Plus in the long run it actually makes things easier on you n and most of the time saves you money.

Doing these simple tasks to and around your home are better done before it gets really really cold outside. We do them each year.

First off, this one does not have to be done necessarily before winter just as long as it gets done regularly..

1. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. This is the best way to protect your family and home against fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. There are 2 types of smoke detectors you can buy. One for ionization which detects flames and the other is called photoelectric that detects smoky fires. Installing one of each is best. Be sure and place them on or near the ceiling. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed lower since it does not rise like smoke and heat does. Test your alarms on a monthly basis and change the batteries every 6 to 12 months. Replace alarms that are more than 10 years old. If yours was there when you moved in, it is probably a good idea to change it anyway just to be safe. Also dust can affect alarm response time so be sure and vacuum or use canned air to remove any build up.

2. Prepare your lawn equipment. Get gas powered lawn mowers ready for winter by removing dirt and grass from the exterior. If it still has gas in it then drain in into a gas can or just run the engine until it uses it up. Making sure there is no gas left in it will prevent the fuel from gumming up the engine. Or you can add fuel stabilizer to the gas which keeps it from oxidizing causing corrosion. While you are at it you may as well change the oil and air filter and sharpen the blade so it is all ready to go when you need it next year.

3. Take care of your gutters. Letting your gutters fill up with leaves and clogging your downspouts lets water rot away at eave boards and eat away your foundation. Keeping them clear is easy. Just remove the leaves and debris with a plastic scoop or I just use the water house and blast it right outta there. Since your out there anyway you may as well check to see if your gutters are securely attached to the house. Winter snow and ice can be hard on gutters and if left alone can become a real mess for you to deal with. You also should check for any leaks they may have.

4. Repair or replace any storm windows that may need it. Storm windows are good at keeping the cold out.

5. If you use a fire place to keep warm you should clean out any build up from last winter. Clean the chimney and empty out the ashes. To much build up in the chimney can cause a fire and burn your whole house down before you know it. If you heat your home with gas or propane check your wall or floor heaters to make sure they are working properly.

6. If you lose power during ice storms make sure your generator is gassed up and ready to use. Having some candles batteries and bottled water is a also good idea.

7. Keeping extra blankets, sweaters, and coats in your car is always good to do. If you break down when it is freezing out you will need them.

Doing these small things before the dead of winter arrives really helps out.


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    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      good and useful hub - I agree that checking smoke alarms is essential. Having ones which don't work is worse than useless, they give a false sense of security.