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Your Next Bedding Set

Updated on October 12, 2012

Zebra Bedding Set


What is so Important About Bedding Sets?

When you think about it, we spend a third of our time sleeping, Many sleep studies show that having the proper amount of sleep every night increases your mental alertness, helps control your weight and benefits the heart. So with that being said, why not slumber with the best bedding ensemble possible? Stay tuned as we explore how.

It All Starts with Good Looks

Aesthetics are the most important consideration when choosing right look for bedrooms.

You might want to start by answering the following questions:

  1. Are you most comfortable with formal or casual surroundings?
  2. What is the overall style of my home and how does the bedroom compliment it? If you happen to live in an older Victorian-Style home, you may want a more antique-style bedspread. But if you live a brand new condo, you may go for the crisp new look of the season.
  3. What colors do I like verses colors are in style? You may prefer pastels but they have not been in style for years. I say figure out what colors make you feel best.
  4. Which colors are most conducive to sleep? If you have trouble sleeping, according to the Dr. Oz website, avoid white, blue and green because they suppress melatonin.*
  5. Do all the accessories have to match for my personal style? Many say that all pillows, bedspread, curtains and shams should match but I prefer to mix and match different styles.


How Do I Know What Fabric Is Best?

Choose the material that is optimum for the sleeping area and your personal lifestyle.

The following information may help you to decide what fabric is best for your bedroom set:

  1. Cotton is a better solution for a kids bedding simply because liquids are going to be spilled on them and cuts are going to bleed on them. It can be washed everyday if necessary. Stains like juice, crayons and water paints are removable from this natural fiber.
  2. Silk looks very sheik for bed sheets and is an eye-pleaser; but it may not be practical for your sleeping area. Consider how much time you spend in the room other than sleeping. Is your bedroom also your office? Do you children often sleep with you? If so silk is not the highest choice for you.
  3. Quilted material and down comforters have a homey feel and some sets are very beautiful, but most down bedspreads must be dry cleaned. This may not be suitable for children's bedding. Depending on your lifestyle and budget, this may not be for you.
  4. Rustic bedspreads are great for a man’s bedroom but often made from flannel, and are too hot for homes in tropical climates or homes without air conditioning.

When is the last time you bought a new bedspread?

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What is the Mood of Your Bedroom?

Mood is very important when considering your bedroom makeover. As you can see in the video above, all of bedroom sets seem to have an upbeat, party theme. Many prefer a low-key bedroom made only for sleep. So first decide the tone of you the tone of your bedroom before choosing your bedding.

  1. Do you use your bedroom for any everything? Even though it is not recommended, many people have computers and televisions in their bedrooms. If this is the case, then I suggest a bright decor that brings energy to your workplace.
  2. Is you bedroom in a far-end of the home and only used to sleep in? Then perhaps darker bedspreads and linens with softer themes is the better option.



So now it is time to go shopping. Just follow my advice and decide what kind of fabric, color and theme (if any) is best for you. Have a clear vision of what you bedroom is used for and what you want it to look like. Most of the hard work has already been done. Enjoy your shopping trip.


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