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Things to do with used coffee grounds

Updated on August 1, 2016

Drink a lot of coffee? What do you do with the leftover coffee ground? Well, if you just dump it every time you should know that they can be reused in different ways. So let’s roll with it. I have compiled all the ways of recycling the coffee debris in this article.

#1 Beauty Ideas

Hair therapy: Used coffee grounds can be effectively used to exfoliate the hair. Wet the hair thoroughly first and then apply coffee ground on the scalp area. Then without rinsing the grounds, wet the hair again and apply shampoo to get the nice lather out of it. Later wash the entire thing out and shampoo if required. You may apply a conditioner later on as per your routine. Repeat the process as needed. This also makes the hair shiny.

Skin Therapy: Recycling the used coffee ground to exfoliate the skin is very simple. Take the grounds and gently rub it on your skin. This will also help in maintaining the skin health by reviving the proper blood flow in the skin. Try out making a facial, adding some more ingredients to rejuvenate the skin.

Reduce Cellulite: Coffee grounds can be easily used to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your skin. Because of the presence of caffeine it shows the tightening effect on the skin. You can make a scrub using the coffee grounds, salt, and coconut oil. Take ¼ cup coffee ground, ¼ cup of salt and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix it well and rub the area applying a little pressure. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times in a week.

#2 Garden Ideas

Compost formation: The leftover coffee ground after the morning cup of Joe can be used to make good compost. Just add the leftover coffee debris to the composting pile and it will aid in adding the required magnesium, potassium and nitrogen to the compost.

Pest repellent: Coffee grounds can help you get rid of the snails and slug around the plants. Making a barrier using the coffee grounds can help the susceptible plants from these invaders. It is also said that using the coffee ground along with orange peels can help in keeping the cat away.

Carrot booster: Coffee ground seems to be working good for carrot plant. Coating the seed of the carrot with ground coffee before sowing, helps in keeping the bugs away and boosts your harvest.

Attract Worms: Coffee grounds are good to attract worms in your gardens. Sprinkle the ground in your garden might help attract worms and benefit your garden.

Mushroom farming: Waste coffee ground can be used to grow mushrooms as well.

#3 Household ideas

Fireplace cleanup: The ashes near the fireplace can be picked up at ease by layering it with wet coffee grounds. It will prevent the ashes from floating up, instead, they will weight down and can be collected easily.

Fridge Odor: Placing a cup of coffee debris in the refrigerator can help you get rid of the refrigerator odor as the grounds absorb them.

Remove Smell from Hand: Tired of those lingering smell after you have chopped onions, garlic or handled meat or fish? Use the leftover coffee grounds to get rid of these smells from yout hand.

As an abrasive material: Coffee can be used as a natural abrasive material to scrub away the stuck food from the kitchen platform or from your dishes.

Unclog the drain: Using coffee grounds along with hot water and dish soap you can actually unclog the drains.

Will you now put your leftover coffee debris into use?

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    • Chatty Chat profile image

      Cindy 23 months ago from Planet Earth

      Interesting ideas. I'm definitely going to use coffee grinds after I chop garlic.