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Toasters That Cook Eggs and More: the Top 3 Toasters on Amazon

Updated on May 16, 2016
An antique toaster from the 1920s.  Whatever you do, don't get your hand caught in here!
An antique toaster from the 1920s. Whatever you do, don't get your hand caught in here! | Source

The Humble Toaster: the World's Most Underrated Kitchen Appliance

Toasters have a bad rap. When most people think of a toaster, they think of an ugly hunk of metal that's covered in rust and filled with crumbs.

Maybe that's because the very first toasters were actually quite dangerous.

The very first toasters came out back in 1863. They looked like something you'd find in a medieval torture chamber.

Thankfully, toaster technology has improved dramatically since the early days. Today's toasters are actually quite stylish. And some can do much more than just cook bread. Let's take a quick look at some common features found in modern toasters.


Awesome New Features Found on Modern Toasters

If you haven't bought a toaster in a few years, the new ones might surprise you. Here are just a few nifty settings and features found on many of today's modern toasters.

  • Multifunctionality. The newest toasters can do more than just make simple toast. Some are capable of cooking eggs and toast at the same time.

  • No more burnt toast. Some toasters come equipped with moisture sensors. The sensors shut off the toaster at the exact moment before it starts burning your bread, allowing you to enjoy perfect toast every single time.

  • Rapid toasting. There's an Italian toaster on the list below that can shoot out toast in a fraction of the time it takes a normal toaster to cook bread.

  • Bagel mode. This feature has been around for a couple decades, but it's still quite useful. Switch on bagel mode when you want to toast only one side of a piece of bread. Bagel mode is great for English muffins, too.

  • Auto centering. When it comes to toasting bread, positioning is everything. If your bread is too close to the heat, it'll burn. If it's askew, you won't get an even toast. Toasters with auto centering move the bread to the sweet spot, giving you the same results every time.

  • New, cool designs. European designers have broken the toaster mold. British design pro Russell Hobbs and Italian kitchen gadget master De’Longhi have come up with some very creative toaster designs.


What's Your Toaster Made Out Of?

One important question to consider before buying a toaster is: what's it made out of?

Chrome toasters look very nice, but they tend to accumulate fingerprints. If you go with a chrome toaster, you'll have to wipe it down frequently to keep it looking nice.

Stainless steel toasters aren't as shiny as chrome ones, but they're also easier to maintain.

Some plastic toasters are actually quite nice. Modern plastic is just as durable as metal, plus plastic toasters often come in many different interesting designs and shapes.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Toaster

What kind of features do I want? These days, toasters can do a lot more than just cook bread. A multi-function toaster may a worthwhile investment if your kitchen space is limited. Other features like rapid toasting, auto centering and bagel mode are worth looking into as well.

How much toast to I usually eat at once time? If you don't eat toast that often, you'll probably want to go with a two-slice toaster. But if you have a large family or if you are a big fan of toast, it makes sense to go with a four-slice toaster. Just remember that most four-slice toasters are significantly larger than their two-slice counterparts.

What kind of bread do I usually eat? If you're a bagel fan, you'll want to go with a toaster that has extremely wide slots. Normal toasters can't accommodate wide pieces of bread.

What's my budget? If you have money to spend and you want to add a few designer appliances to your kitchen setup, you can afford to splurge on a top-of-the-line toaster. But if you're young and you just moved into a new flat, just get a basic toaster. Once you get settled in, you can upgrade.

The Top 4 Toasters on Amazon

Do you have any questions or comments about any of the toasters featured below? If so, drop me a line in the comment section.


This amazing little toaster/egg cooker combo from West Bend is my personal favorite toaster on the market today. I own one myself and I think it's great.


  • You can make eggs without making a mess. I love eggs, but I hate cleaning up afterwards after making them. This device simplifies the egg cooking process. Making eggs with the TEM500W is easy. Just pop out the tray when you're done, give it a quick rinse... and your clean-up is over.

  • It can make hard-boiled eggs, too. With this toaster, you can hard-boil four eggs at the same time. If you've got two pieces of toast and four hard boiled eggs, you have enough food to feed two people.


You've got to keep an eye on your eggs when you cook them with this toaster. It cooks them quite fast, and if you don't pay attention you'll burn them.

2. The Toaster That'll Never Die

When I lived in London, I had a Russell Hobbes toaster. It was awesome.

Americans are just now starting to get acquainted with the Russell Hobbs brand, but this manufacturer has been popular in the UK for decades. Russell Hobbs fought against the Germans during WWII, then after the war ended he started his own company in London. If you're looking to add some European style to your kitchen, this toaster deserves a hard look.


  • A toaster that's built to last. This toaster could very well be the last one you'll ever buy. Russell Hobbs appliances have a reputation for lasting forever.
  • Bright color, stylish design. This toaster will add an attractive splash of red to your kitchen layout.
  • Compatible with standard North American electrical outlets. You don’t need an adapter to use this appliance. Most Russell Hobbs appliances have three prong European style plugs, but this version has a North American style two-pronged connector.


  • Short power cable. The power cord is only 22 inches long. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your kitchen setup.

The TR3500SD by Black & Decker is the muscle car of the toaster world. It can make thoroughly cooked toast in just under a minute. It's also quite handsome for a toaster, with its chrome plated body.


  • Rapid toasting. In the morning, every second counts. So why wait for toast? This powerful toaster from B&D is one of the fastest toasters on the market today.
  • Sleek design. The all-chrome design is quite appealing.
  • Bargain price. Even though it is fast and beautiful, this toaster costs less than most of its competitors.


  • It doesn't always cook evenly. This toaster lacks auto-centering capability. As a result, the toast it churns out isn't always evenly cooked.


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