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Thomas Train Bed

Updated on June 20, 2010

Boy Excited Over New Thomas Train Bed!

More Than a Bed

Thomas smiles at you and your children from the front. The back of the bed is a little cabin area, simulating the back of the train. Thomas Train is a veritable dream world for your little tikes to play in. Nobody fusses at bedtime when Thomas is there waiting to adventure off into your dreams.

The Thomas Train Bed transforms your kid's bed into an engine. But it is more than just a cozy and fun place to sleep at night. There are tracks engraved on the bed which children love to play on with their toy cars and trains. At the front of the bed, under the smiling Thomas, there is a nice little storage drawer for things. And up above, in the bed itself, there is some shelving for you to put bedtime books or toys.

Thomas Train Bed offers your children a playful, fun bedtime experience. What could be more fun for a young child than sleeping in a train engine at night and seeing their engine friend Thomas the train smiling at them.

Thomas Train Bunk Bed Style

Thomas Trains come in bunk beds too! The advantages are numerous. For one thing, you get a lot more room in your children's bedroom. More room for playing, more room for furniture. The cabin is on the top bunk in this bunk bed version. And that train as a bunk just looks glorious!

I must say though, the price of a Thomas bunk retails for around $2,500. But consider that this is a bed for two children and it is so much more than just a bed. Hours of enjoyment can be had on these bunks. Still it is a cheaper option to get two seperate Thomas Train beds and set them side by side. One of the single beds is only about $300, so how much is extra floor space to you?

Thomas Train Bed Accessories

 When you buy a Thomas Train bed, you don't really get anything extra with it. The shelving is build in, true. But you can get an extra wooden storage caddy to help your children keep their engines organized. You can get special Thomas bedding and pillows. There is a Thomas Alarm Clock with twin bells to wake up your child out of thier sleep. The New Destinations Ultra Soft Blanket is a nice fixture to put on top of the bed.

If your children want to keep track of their growth in height, there is a fun peel off Thomas chart so they can measure their body's progress next to their Thomas Train Bed.


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